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[Desktop][Mac] Touch bar integration

Those on macOS, may love this concept that was created prior to the new Macbook Pro release. I think it would be awesome if Spotify actually implemented it.


See pictures!

Updated: 2017-02-24

Hey folks, we've shipped Touch Bar support! Thanks for letting us know this something you wanted to see. Just so you know we won't be adding track info as it doesn't align with the guidelines for building Touch Bar features. (i.e. it isn’t a ‘button’). Please continue to leave your feedback around the Desktop app here and we'll keep sharing it with our internal teams. Thanks!


Yes! Spotify integration was one of my selling points for this computer. iTunes is able to do it pretty well, so I assume that spotify can do it even better 😉

Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2016-11-17

Marked as new idea.


 Yes it's a must ! When can we expect to see it released?


OOOOO Yes please!!!! make it good and make it awesome. Have add to playlist or add to songs option in there, and maybe scrubbing?? JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN 


Can you guys please do some kind of waveform visualization in the scrub bar?


Please make Touch Bar Support happen as fast as possible!! That could be so useful and great!

And please surprise us making it even better than Apple did with Apple Music.


mm would be a great addition


I don't want to be a party pooper here but the play/stop button is already there, on the right part. And I don't get why you don't use the whole part of the touch bar allowed to app. I expect Spotify to take more benefit, the iTunes use for example is really good and beautiful, expect it lacks animations.


Would be nice to display the Spotify logo, artist, track, and playback controls in the touchbar.  Basically just like in the pictures above!


IMHO, the Spotify logo should not appear always. They'll probably mimic the iTunes behavior in the touchbar. But this is a HUGE MUST!