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Discount Family Subscriptions!

Before I made the switch from Rdio to Spotify they (Rdio) came up with a pricing model that allowed families to purchase a slightly discounted subscription.  


$9.99 for single unlimited user

$17.99 for 2 family members (20% discount)

$22.99 for 3 family members (50% discount)


Would love to see a similar pricing model so the rest of the family could get in on the action!

Updated: 2015-04-23

Hey folks! We've introduced Spotify Family. With Premium for Family, you and up to 5 members of the same household can each enjoy their own Premium account. All for one discounted price of $14.99.

Thanks for your kudos in the Community--we want your feedback.


Maybe Spotify should think of an extra option where it's possible to listen to Spotify on several devices on the same time. Let's say for an extra €5-10 / month, members can stream music simultanously. 

Would be very useful for families wanting to share music, but don't want to buy several subscriptions. In my case, while i'm working at my desk, I want to listen to other things than the children in in their room and my partner in the living room. Now we are having 1 paid and 2 free accounts, but for an extra €10, we might upgrade.


Maybe to avoid abuse, it's technically possible to implement a limit where all devices should be in the same network to use this feature...


Hey, we already have a similar idea to this in the Ideas board. Check it out and vote it up here:


So sick of battling my wife over who gets to use Spotify and multiple accounts is not a viable solution.  There needs to be multiple simultaneous instances allowed at some point.  


I would love for it to be 2 devices at a time with a premium account and then increased pricing after that.  $18/month for 2 people start making the Spotify service much less affordable than competitors for us.  I highly doubt that I would ever purchase more than 18 songs in a month (at .99/ song) even with 2 users.  


Spotify already has much less flexibility compared to Amazon or iTunes.  I can't listen to it in my car, make a CD, app is not reliable and songs appear and disappear all too frequently.  Been a premium user since day 1.  But if multiple instances makes spotify a more expensive service than iTunes or Amazon then it would be hard to justify.


ps... you should probably add the word "Spotify" to your dictionary.


As I have now seen the light with regards to Spotify, and now that the music choice is there, it would be great if my wife could benefit aswell. To have a variety of family based Premium Accounts would be ideal. 


I'm the one listening music on the go. We both listen at home through our sonos system. MOstly we are both out. But not always. So just for a few moments of overlap where we both want to listen to music seperately we need to get two subscriptions. ... Nhaa. Get that family plan up and running!

No1 missing functionality!

I completely agree. Look at competitors like WIMP. They have a family subscription which supports up to 4 users. Right now I'm the only one with premium subscription in our household. None of the others as I consider it too expensive to pay for 3-4 premium subscriptions.


If Spotify would release a subscription plan similar to what premium can offer and supporting more users, somewhat more expensive than premium. I wouldnt hesitate upgrading. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one. So you guys are missing out on some potential extra bucks here. 🙂


Please consider this!


Just to add that It would be more than likely to sign up for a family subscription as this would give us more flexibility with our sonos system at home


Ok, for those following this thread. I found these articles with a quick search on google;


So there is hope that this is being released in the near future. I mean, how hard can it be to add a feature like this? 🙂


As mentioned previously. Wimp is offering a family subscription (premium) for up to 3 users for only 139,- NOK. A single premium subscription @ Spotify costs 99,- NOK. So mr Spotify, you should look at your competitors and make your product even more better than it already is. 😉


Please implement this feature, so I can create a family account for my Sonos system and a couple of mobile devices!