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Discount Family Subscriptions!

Before I made the switch from Rdio to Spotify they (Rdio) came up with a pricing model that allowed families to purchase a slightly discounted subscription.  


$9.99 for single unlimited user

$17.99 for 2 family members (20% discount)

$22.99 for 3 family members (50% discount)


Would love to see a similar pricing model so the rest of the family could get in on the action!

Updated: 2015-04-23

Hey folks! We've introduced Spotify Family. With Premium for Family, you and up to 5 members of the same household can each enjoy their own Premium account. All for one discounted price of $14.99.

Thanks for your kudos in the Community--we want your feedback.


Why should I pay more for multple users on one big happy family account? Just allow 2 or max 3 users on one premium account and a maximum of (for example) 10 users on one IP adress.


Please do it before someone else does it..



I welcome the initiative ... It's something that I raised to Spotify two years ago, and finally made it into existence .. Small glitch though ... At my first attempt to upgrade, I got the recommendation to cancel my current account and create a new one from scratch. Now *that* is a defnite no-go for me.I have wayyyyyy to many playlists and plugins configured to simply start over .... Any suggestions?


WHEN? My wife has Premium. Can I merge my existing account to hers and covert hers to FAMILY?

When? When? When?


When will this be available in the UK? Coming Soon is just too vague!


Please can you give us an ETA?







Here in the US we can get the Spotify Family least Spotify says we can.  I already have a premium plan. I upped it to the family plan. Then I sent an invitation to my husband to join. He got the email invite but when he tried to use the code, it kept saying Oops something went wrong please try again.  He tried a few more time with the same result.  I emailed Spotify about it, giving them all they needed to know about what happened.  They suggested my husband try a different browser.  That didn't work. I emailed them again and they wanted a screen shot of the problem.  I emailed them a screen shot of the problem and am now waiting for a response.  Anyone else have problems with the Spotify Family?


Hey guys! Thanks for your comments and questions around Spotify Family. The best place to post any queries you've got is right here: Spotify Family


From there a Community Moderator or a Rock Star can jump in to help--thanks!


Help, I live in the US, have two spotify Premium accounts (one linked to Facebook, the other on a different email not linked to FB), and I'd like to turn my FB linked account to a Family Plan but none of the links or pages give me a Family Plan option.  Is it avail in the US yet?  Thanks!


Can I have a Spotify family account where one family member lives in Sweden and one in the UK? My daughter studies there and I would like to find the cheapest solution for the two of us?




Me and my sister and brother are premium user already . Can I cancel now and rejoin the family plan which is at a lower price.


I am wondering, does the seasoning offer of upgrading to premium, giving you 2 free months for free, does this carry onto the family account as well. Ie, the 11.99au plus the 50% off the next subscription for 3 months?