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[Discover] Exclude selected Playlists from Taste Profile and Discover Suggestions

I play music off Spotify for my bubba to fall asleep to. This is typically classical/meditative relaxing style tracks. Since she sleeps 4 times a day this type of music is getting a LOT of playtime but is not representative of my music taste. I'm finding my Discover Weekly (which I LOVE by the way) is moving more away from my music and more towards the classical/chill out stuff I play for the little one. 


Would be super cool to be able to mark a playlist to exclude it from the Discover algorithm.



Updated on 2023-02-09

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that Exclude from Taste Profile feature is now available on all platforms. There's more info about the topic in our Newsroom Article. 

If you'd like to give it a try right now, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the playlist of your choice. 
  2. Tap the three dots near the top of the playlist.
  3. Select “Exclude from your Taste Profile.”


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community 🙂 


This would be soooo nice! I don’t want my soothing strings night time playlist to affect my EDM and rock recommendations I listen to during the day! I used to love my Discover Weekly and now I can barely use that feature since my night time music is dominating it. 


I also think this would be a valuable addition. I listen to classical music while studying and enjoy rocking out to my discover playlist at other times. On occassion my discover playlist consists of mixed classical and other genres.


I use Spotify to sleep but that music isn’t representative of the main genres I like. My algorithm is messed up and playlists that knew me and my tastes so well are now never listened to. 


Same problem here. I have now a daily mix of the meditaion related songs which I never listened to and it takes one of my 6 slots.


The lack of this option has ruined Spotify for me. I created a white noise Playlist to sleep to and now my Weekly Recommendations are garbage. One of the coolest things about Spotify (discovery) doesn't work anymore for me. 


I just run into similar problem. I started to use "Music for work" or otherwise relaxing music in spotify a while back and my weekly recommendations got really off (having 90% of some random piano music, which I absolutely don't care about, recommended weekly is highly annoying and makes "Discover weekly" quite useless...


I agree. This need to be sovled. I really liked discover weekly, but I stopped using it because most tracks are similler to music for work playlist. Too bad.


Same! I have a sleep playlist that I play every night and it screws with my Discover Weekly playlist (As well as my End of the Year most listened to tracks). I wish my Discovery playlist was more varied, like my Fresh Finds (which I love btw) and I have a feeling it would be if I could just "hide" the sleep playlist from the algorithm. 


I am all for this idea. Like many other people, I listen to classical or relation music to fall asleep or as background music at work, but I don't really want my Discover or Daily Mix playlists to be full of that kind of music. When I'm looking for music recommendations it's for stuff I'm actually actively listening to. Being able to exclude "Peaceful Piano" from generating recommendations would be excellent! 


This would be a REALLY great feature to have. We throw themed cocktail parties at my house. This month: Tiki! I just can't WAIT until I see this week's DW playlist chock full of Polyneisan and Lounge music...

But seriously... the ability to exclude playlists, and taken further, to exclude an entire session (I spent HOURS last night searching for Tiki-themed music) from Discover would be awesome.