[Discover Weekly] Like & Dislike Buttons

While discovering new music is of course full of adventure and wonder when you find music you've never heard of, especially when you fall in love.
The spotify personalized discover weekly playlists was a phenomenal idea and so far I'm loving my playlist. But there's a song on there I KNOW I don't like, and I wish I could ban that artist from ever showing up again.
If developers added a like or dislike button, or even a ban artist feature, it would make discovering music more personalized. If you know you don't ever want to discover another Kenny Chesney song ever again, you should be able to voice that. If you like discovering a certain kind of song, that "like" should be heard so you can discover more of it. I'm looking forward to my next playlist, I just wish it was more "personalized".

Updated on 2018-07-03


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that Like & Dislike Buttons have now been made available for Discover Weekly.
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Casual Listener

About 10 % of my Spotify time is spent listening to my hand-picked favourites and 90 % is just putting on whatever playlist is recommended today. The result? Most of my weekly rec lists are all-miss. I'd love to have a way to give Spotify more direct feedback on what kind of music I really like and would like to hear more.

Casual Listener

Yes. I like and dislike  button or something similar is required for Weekly discovery playlist. Also a way to track them (when they change exactly?) and i dunno, but i hope spotify is takinf into account if the user listen or not an specific song choosen in this playlist.




I do agree with all my heart, "my" algorithm seems to be thinking I have a thing for Portoguese music, wich I don't, I only love one particular Portoguese singer (Mariza)... 

Music Fan

Apparently I already gave kudos to this idea, though I don't remember doing so. Please, PLEASE implement this soon. It seems to me like you could combine bits of the radio code with the playlist technology to make a special playlist like this. I don't like weird anomalies like gangsta rap in the middle of my rock music or for my entire playlist to be full of 'zen meditation' if I happened to listen to a sleep music album.


I also need the ability to exclude certain albums from consideration. I had to purchase my sleep music album on Amazon and listen to it separately so it doesn't influence my Spotify suggestions.

Casual Listener

This idea MUST be implemented, I absolutly hate some artist like Fety Wap I don't ever want to hear this guy, please make a way to dislike artists.


I love the Discover Weekly playlist but the Spotify recommendation bot is sneaking in Christian songs which is not at ALL what I want to listen to.  No offense to Christian rock fans, but it's not for me.  A simple 'no thanks' to teach Spotify not to serve me Christian songs would do the trick.   PS. this issue becomes slightly offensive after it happens a few times.  thanks!

Not applicable

I am in desperate NEED of this.. I am Korean and I have some Korean songs in my playlists... and because of this, Discover Weekly is giving me all these random Asian music (Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippino, Japanese, Etc.) that I really don't want to listen to.. 


At least let us be able to DELETE the songs we don't want on Discover Weekly lists or other lists that are "PERSONALIZED" for us..


Thank You.





absolutely agree.


What? Google Play has this feature?!  I guess I'll have to check their service out.  I'm so sick of Com Truise coming up every other song on my aphex Twin, Bonobo, Nosaj Thing playlists.  His music stinks. Kill Me.


Being able to exclude an artist would be wonderful.