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While discovering new music is of course full of adventure and wonder when you find music you've never heard of, especially when you fall in love.
The spotify personalized discover weekly playlists was a phenomenal idea and so far I'm loving my playlist. But there's a song on there I KNOW I don't like, and I wish I could ban that artist from ever showing up again.
If developers added a like or dislike button, or even a ban artist feature, it would make discovering music more personalized. If you know you don't ever want to discover another Kenny Chesney song ever again, you should be able to voice that. If you like discovering a certain kind of song, that "like" should be heard so you can discover more of it. I'm looking forward to my next playlist, I just wish it was more "personalized".

Updated on 2018-07-03


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that Like & Dislike Buttons have now been made available for Discover Weekly.
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I do agree with all my heart, "my" algorithm seems to be thinking I have a thing for Portoguese music, wich I don't, I only love one particular Portoguese singer (Mariza)... 


Every single week for the last 3 weeks, I've had Hannah Montana on my playlist. I have no idea why and I would absolutely love it if I could remove it. 

A little late to this but agree in full. First three weeks for me were absolutely amazing. Then the playlist started leaning towards more streamlined, radio-esque playlists and music tailored to what I listened to the day before which was a little weird. Making a playlist to save your favorites works well, however lately I have only liked maybe two songs on the discover so it's not that exciting anymore.

I think this is a great idea!  I usually have good luck with the Discover Weekly list that's generated for me but sometimes there are songs that I'm really not on board with that I'd love to be able to downvote to better hone my list.  The Fresh Finds list is another one I'd like this option for because I rarely find ANYTHING on that list that I appreciate. 

Yes I agree, I listen to a sleep playlist every night and I don't necessarily want that kind of music suggested to me so if you can prevent certain playlists or songs from counting towards the suggestions for you every week that would be awesome.

The discover feature is realy great, I prefer this instead of switching radio's myself.

Playlist are well compiled, but missing the Like & Dislike like the radio feature.


Big Thumbs Up for this one!


Yes, this is feature is really lacking!


I'm really enjoying Discover Weekly, it's the thing I listen to the most, but sometimes songs are really not to my taste. And by listening to them I am reinforcing that it is my taste (?)



Agree that there needs to be a "I listened to this but didn't like it at all" function of some sort. I constantly explore for new music (I LOVE the related artists pages for discovering artists I've not heard/heard of before), but my tastes don't run with what's on the mainstream charts at all. I'm a bit past the age where most pop music appeals to me, for whatever reasons. But I digress.


Unfortunately, my "Discover" page seems to be all retreads—yes, I've heard that album and that artist, sometimes dozens and dozens of times (burnout from formulaic radio stations plus my own music collection) and I'm tired of that artist, or I've listened to that album so many times that I only want it popping up as a "memory lane" category, not as a "Discover" category. How exactly am I "Discovering" music I already know all to well?


And like all the other services, I notice Spotify has a decided tendency toward chart-based referral algorithms, toward lowest-common-denominator stuff. So I need a way to tell the algorithm to alter itself in my case by noting what I've sampled and definitely didn't like.


This is a long-overdue missing function. In fact, I wish I could rate material I do like with some kind of indicator, including a scale rating for how much I like, i.e. 1 is "I would listen to this a couple of times a year,' 2 is "I would play this  about once a month" 3 is "this would be music I'd want if I were stranded on a desert island." There's no way at present for Spotify to tell how much I like a song besides how often I've listened to it. 


Wouldn't it be nice to see some feedback on this thread from Spotify?  I too think Discover Weekly playlist is a wonderful idea but get about 20% music I dislike, so a thumbs-down feature that would help the electrons better tailor to my taste would be a big plus.  What's going on, Spotify?  Don't make me subscribe to Apple Music...they already own too much of me!


I totally agree!! I would love if spotify would suggest song actually based on the music I listen or people I follow not just my location. I am tired of skipping songs from local Artists I am trying to get away from the local radio by going to spotify without success!


Please Spotify, consider our taste in the Discover Weekly.



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