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Full screen artwork (for those late nite jams)

So.... it's Friday night, your friends are round, you've sorted your music for the night by queuing a shedload of music.... now we're on 'Play Queue' and I'm stuck looking at the interface - boring! It's time for some atmosphere - no need for fancy visualisers, just give me a 'full screen' option on the artwork for the current song!


Maybe we could even flip it over and read the back cover & credits too!!


Just like the old vinyl days.....

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey @MandaGee this has now been implemented on our Desktop app. If you click on the full screen icon to the right side of the Play Bar, you'll get the artwork in full screen. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.56.19 PM (2).png


Hi,guys and gurls.Recently got an intel nuc,using it as a jukebox with Spotify installed. Would love to be able to see my playlist " fullscreen". I have a small 8inch touch screen.( didn't want mouse and keyboard ) sometimes difficult to read the playlist,and make the choice I want. Any ideas or feedback greatfully received. Many thanks,and greetings from the land of tulips..



Just solved half of the problem myself..what an idiot. just have to click on library and the rest is history. not sure how to get the search screen  on

"fullscreen "but maybe I will solve it mysel. But in the meantime, all help greatfully received.


I think not to be showing only the album cover, I think it would be better a slideshow with photos of the band or photos that convey the sensations that transmits playlist. For example, a playlist of romantic songs could display also romantic images, a playlist to party would display a slideshow with photos related parties.


my girlfriend and i were hanging out listening to basically all my liked songs on shuffle. we were on a couch a few meters away from the pc screen. she was curious to know many of the artists and i couldn't remember a ton of them. i would have to stop cuddling and get up to see the artist and then sit back down.


we need to facilitate cuddles people.


a full screen view with not only the album art but large text displaying the artist and song name at least.


I think a full screen mode would be great. I usually plug my windows tablet into the TV and just control it from my laptop/phone from the couch.


Even a screen similar to the radio screen would be good enough for me.


would be awesome


+1 for full screen mode.  The size of the 'now playing' section on the windows client is ridiculous (bottom left corner, about 5% of the screen).

Please make this available as full screen option (under 'View' menu) or possible to open as a new sizeable 'always on top' window with this information and some basic track controls.


It would be awesome to play a playlist and let the musixmatch take over full-screen especially when I connect my computer to the TV where the party is happeneing.


"We really love this idea and we are actually considering now the album artwork view although not full screen. At the moment we are going to mark it as "Not right now" but check this thread out for future updates. We might come back to this soon."


when did Spotify reply with this statement? What developments have we seen since on this? C'mon guys.......


Hows this update coming on??

Still thinking that this is a real good idea