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I think it would be a good idea if you can browse through the music catalogue by genre.

(Clicking a genre should open a new page with popular/new releases of this genre to discover new music.)

Hey guys! Within our Browse feature you can click 'GENRES & MOODS' which directs you to page filled with playlists for each genre or mood. We're going to go ahead and mark this one as Implemented. Thanks!


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I would love to be able to sort my playlist's by genre, so if i feel like Rap/HipHop I don't have to listen only to one individual artist as I mostly add there full CD after sorting it by artist name. 😛


There definitely needs to be a better way of seeing and searching for music based on genres.  I love to listen to audio books on spotify, but I find them INCREDIBLY hard to find.  If I just want to listen to, for example, a crime story, sci-fi story or scary story, I'm boned.  I just have to search in general terms and roll the dice or find something somebody else found on some spotify playlist website.


The same can be said for comedy.  There really needs to be a way to find non-music stuff on Spotify better, and some better type of genre searching sounds like the best idea I can think of off the top of my head.


I don't always agree with how a song is catagorized. But it would be very helpful to be able to catagorize my library of music. If Spotify adds a Genre tab, it should be user changeable.


There are genres not really searchable with the genre:myGenre function. 


If I search for genre:metal or genre:rock I find nothing! 


Genres... I think 'genre' is nice in ons personal collection, but should be avoided when one tries to maintain a huge and public collection.


Lemme clarify that... in the late '90s I worked in a venue in the Netherlands. We managed at one time to book D.R.I. and (proud as we were) postered them as "Old School Hardcore". A true enough statement, since at the time D.R.I. had just made the switch back to a less metal sound.

Funny thing: the night of the gig quite a few baldheaded guys in tracksuits showed up. They expected a gabber-DJ. Indeed... a scene where 'Old School' and 'hardcore' where just a normal to describe the different styles (or sub-genres).


Metal will give you the same problem. Lots of cross-genres, and - as a result - you will always be wrong when labeling artists (or even albums) ...-metal


I just did some playing with the 'genre:...' search. It sucks 😉 at least, according to my standards

Example: genre:industrial and genre:idm where almost identical. Genre:britpop contained a lot of British artists, but I had to scroll quite a bit before I saw any that are considered britpop

Other genres seem to missing completly.


I'd suggest adding an option to have users tag music, rather than see Spotify add genres...


This would be really helpful. I know Spotify is big on playlists, but it would be great to browse by genre and then see lists of popular/new/featured artists, albums, tracks, etc. - not just by playlists, which seem really arbitrary. It's one of my favorite aspects of Rhapsody's desktop, and MOG's desktop does it although not as well (it's missing from their otherwise-good mobile app). I'd like to stick with Spotify Premium because it has great audio quality, but this is one thing that has me on the fence for now.



I also lwould like to have a "genre" column when browsing my personal music. But I would like Spotify to display my personal mMP3 meta data: I classified my songs my way, in my language, and it would be great to use it, like in iTunes or Windows Media Player. Thanks.




Let's face it, there is no genre search worth naming on Spotify. If I search "genre:latin jazz" I get just 10 or 15 artists. And for search with "latin jazz" as keywords I get spam results from tens of oportunistic idiots calling themselves "Latin Jazz trio" with a title named, you guessed it, "Latin Jazz".


I understand the difficulty though, because from my experience in developing this kind of search I remember getting no genre classification from the music industry. We would get the databases with artist and track name, but no genres. And other sources showed that this was just as well, because the industry has no standard system for classifying music tracks. Which means that when they do it ends up being a joke. As one of you guys said it, it would be better to let Spotify's users tag the tracks themselves, like Amazon does it.


Better but not best though, as the best system would much rather automatically tag all artists and tracks according to what everybody means, in real time, not just Spotify users and not just one user at a time. Would it work? I developped a proto 8 years ago and another 3 years ago and they worked perfectly. The last one succeeded brilliantly in tagging 7 million book titles, with 30 relevant tags each. That means each title could be searched by category (adventure novel for ex) but also by keyword (such as "pirate", which returned "Treasure Island" as number one although there is no such keyword in the title). 


The secret was to let the whole internet ("the people of the world") vote by default (hence not having to vote or do anything), not only on which category a title belonged to, but how it should rank in this category. The first proto was tested on 300 000 music tracks and worked equally brilliantly, showing for ex how "the people of the world" voted Miles Davis as the greatest jazz musician and decided Elvis was 55% rock 23% pop 12% country and 8% soul. Can you imagine what such a system would do for search on Spotify? It would rank anything you search for according to genre and true popularity (not sales or physical votes). You could for ex search for "Brazilian jazz" and get the true, full ranking.


I have developed similar ranking systems for the yellow/white pages directories of Sweden, Norway and Denmark (automatic tagging and ranking). They work too. Should Spotify or an app developing company be interested, just contact me:


i want to change to spotify.


2 killer features would be:


1. New Releases /Filter/Genre


2. Genre / Albums would be great, no Playlists. Please programm a Filter



lg thx, didi



You can do this, create a playlist in spotify, then go to itunes, select the songs from the genere you want. Now, drag the songs from itunes to the playlist in spotify, and you have it.