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Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive

It would be great to be able to manage Spotify through BMW iDrive, either by a dedicated Spotify app on BMW system or at least by a connection of iDrive controls with Spotify app on the iPhone.

Updated: 2015-09-17
Since Spotify is now available for BMW Conected Drive on the iPhone, we'll mark this topic as 'Implemented'.

If you're on Android - please add your kudos to this idea here:
[Android] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android


Thanks everyone!




Got my new 3 series and Spotify works with it but is not optimized... I think Spotify could work toghether to make it like Aupéo, fully compatible


Spotify BMW iDrive integration for playlist control would be a worthwhile and a much needed update. Im sure this would bring alot more customer interest for Spotify. Come on Spotify, please look into this........

Same for me. After a month of a premium subscription, I'll stop using the service because it's not worth the money for me if Spotify is not fully integrated into iDrive. Please Spotify, provide full BMW in-car integration on next update. V1.

Most of all we need a control of tracks by the steering shell buttons!


Also worth noting: prior to the iPhone 5, Spotify was at least mostly usable through the plugin interface, but now it's not anymore since video out was removed.  So, sadly, they're about to lose a customer to MOG despite the fact that I like Spotify much, much more.


I'm a new premium user but disappointed that I'm not able to use Spotify with iDrive... hopefully this will change soon or I'll have to look for other options as most of my music listening is while driving.


+1 for that!


Basically you just need to "Simluate" a Mass-Storage device, when spotify detects a connected "BMW".

(iDrive is able to access Mass-Storage stuff like USB-Drives)


Really hope that feature will come soonish!


Connecting with Aux-In and "touching" on the device is no option.


I just canceled MOG to try Spotify in my BMW 535i. And I noticed it is not integrated with iDrive. WHAT??? Come on Spotify! After my month's paid with Spotify, I'll cancel and go back to MOG. Disappointed.


Same for me.  I've been using Spotify on my mobile phone for a few months now, but now I just bought a BMW I will cancel and switch to MOG.