Make entire play queue editable

There's currently two queues in Spotify:


  • The editable queue. ("Queued tracks")
  • The locked queue. ("Next tracks")

If you press the Skjermbilde-2015-04-10-20.52.53.png queue button with tracks in both lists, you can see that these two queues follow each other. The editable queue always plays first.


The problem is having a locked queue at all.


You can't empty it without interrupting playback, and you'll have to use a workaround to do so. You can't reorder it or add or delete songs. After finishing the editable queue, Spotify always continues playback from the locked queue.


The workaround is starting playback at the very last item on a page. The locked queue will then have no further items. Then you can continue by purely using the queue right-click function instead of double-click or enter. This adds items to the editable queue. These tracks can then be reordered and deleted as you wish.


This UI behaviour is, however, not very user-friendly and quite frankly really annoying. It's also very unconventional having two queues in a music player. I've never seen any other software using either a dual-queue system or a locked queue system.


Here's a good implementation suggestion from user Styrke:



Google Play Music's queue system is really easy to understand and use. Just do what they do.


I can describe it by three (3) easy bullets:


  • Double clicking a song starts playing it and adds the rest of the list that the song came from to the queue. (The queue gets overwritten)
  • Right click one or more songs to add them to the top ("play next") or the bottom ("add to queue") of the queue.
  • Everything in the queue can be removed or rearranged by drag-and-drop



EDIT: I updated the terminology to match the new Spotify. Items are no longer yellow and white, but are now under separate headings and in the same color instead.

Updated: 2016-12-16

Hey everyone, now you can edit your Play Queue on your Desktop, Android and iOS device. You can add songs to 'Up Next', remove songs and clear the queue. Thanks for continuing to bring us great ideas!


@bearmayor agreed. This one annoyance has frustrated me countless times. Please, Spotify staff.

Casual Listener

So I added a few songs to the Queue, but still can't change the order of them only if I clear the whole queue and readd the songs in another order. Disappointing. Google Play Music's UI really does this in an intuitive way.

Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2016-12-16

Hey everyone, now you can edit your Play Queue on your Desktop, Android and iOS device. You can add songs to 'Up Next', remove songs and clear the queue. Thanks for continuing to bring us great ideas!

Casual Listener

Almost five years for this to finally be implemented from when this thread first started. Crazy.

Casual Listener

The main concern was the ability to REARRANGE the queued tracks. It is NOT IMPLEMENTED yet... 

Casual Listener

In the browser version at least. And since with the desktop app the sound quality is really poor on my system I don't use that. But that's another issue. And I also can't edit my comment here. Seriously Spotify, I would have gotten an F at the university if I designed such UIs... Get your game together!


I quit listening to Pandora (even before I knew about Spotify) because it would force me to listen to songs I would never choose, just to hear the ones I did like.  You might as well turn on the radio.  


I found Spotify!  Told everyone, it's waaaay better than Pandora.  You actually get to choose a ton of songs for a play list.  Then just choose the play list you wanted to hear.  I may be wrong, but it seemed, out of nowhere, these random songs started playing while I was in my play list. ????  Now I see it does it all the time!  I never like all of an artist's songs.  Some are terrible, and those are what it selects.  WHY?  Why can't I change how my play list plays?  Instead of shuffle, make it in the order I've chosen.  I have 10 or so songs for sleep music.  Last night a horrible song came on, so terrible I put my glasses on and turned the whole thing off.  

What happened to the Spotify I bragged about!?!



Can that be turned off?????

2.  why can't I reorder my play list?

3.  why can't I listen without shuffle?

it used to be a choice, didn't it?


-I'm sure this has been answered here somewhere, but reading through these feeds for      the answers is like a giant word search.  

-I would be very grateful for some help.  

-Bullet style is wonderful.  🙂





Casual Listener

DELETE still isn't working correctly on iOS. You can remove songs one by one but trying to delete a whole album or play list DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!And....there's more. If you put an album in the queque the last song gets stuck there. So no it isn't fixed after two years. A soft boot doesn't work. I had to delete the app and reload it to get rid of the two album covers stuck in the queque. This is annoying since I pay for the premium. 


Further, a reload brings bs i the recently listened to that list. I keep that cleared out. So I had to clear it again. Where is the clear all for that feature. 


You ou need help on your IOS programming. It's a mess 



I certainly sympathize, @shineybraids, because I have run into many similar bugs in various Spotify mobile apps.


How I have programmed my listening sessions to debug these flaws in the Spotify mobile apps is to do make all of those edits and moves and deletes in my friends' desktop Spotify app-- I just logon with my account account credentials.


The Spotify mobile apps are great and perfect for playing straight through a playlist that is already assembled in a Spotify desktop app, I find.


Would you agree?


Thank you!