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[Mobile] Multi-Select Add/Remove Songs from Music/Queue

Make the Ability to select multiple songs at once and Removed/Add From Music and Add or remove to/from queue using the swipe feature


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Originally Posted Here





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Updated on 2021-01-25

Hey folks,


Thank you once more for requesting this.


We can confirm that, together with the option of clearing the whole queue with one button, the following options should also be available (both on mobile and desktop):


  • Add selected songs from the Next From to the Next In Queue sections in your Queue
  • Remove selected songs from the Next From as well as the Next In Queue sections in your Queue


Friendly reminder to make sure both your device's operating system as well as app's version are fully up-to-date in order to make the most of the latest Spotify features 🙂


If you're interested in the option to add/delete multiple songs at once even outside the queue or Next From section, take a look at (and give your +VOTE to) this Idea.




I think it should just be a select page in the way that you go into a “mode” to select songs then choose what to do with them (add to queue, remove, add to a playlist) but I disagree with a gesture because it’d be much easier to just select them in a “mode”


Please for Android!


Hello, i wanted to post this idea exactly. Make a s "slelect " in the spotify menu, which has the same role as shift+ click (if im correct, to select few files on pc) . Simple and helpful , in my opinion.


I would very much like to have the opportunity to clear the queue!


I want to have the possibility to empty the queue, so that it is not visible, which song I have heard last.




The mobile app works brilliantly as a remote control which makes it all the more infuriating and confusing that some key features work differently, or are missing entirely, on mobile.


I'm not sure about multi select - just give us a clear queue button, same as on desktop


There's space on screen for a 'clear queue' button on mobile.

You could have it at the bottom of the play queue.

Have a second "confirm" stage step to deal with accidental activations. 


A simple "clear all" button solves.


This is a necessary feature. Adding just a button at the top of the queue saying “clear queue” just like the pc version would be a lifesaver.




This is insane. I can't fix Spotify. All the options in 5 different threads have been tried. Cleared cache. I can't select all. I can't get the queue up on another workstation (don't have one). Playing the last track doesn't work. Playing a song from another playlist does nothing. No matter what I do... This queue remains and it's thousands of songs long. I can't listen to anything contiguously. No album. No playlist. The app I pay for and have been paying for, for a very long time, is now useless. Considering the Quarantine? This is causing me stress and anxiety. You have complaints about this going AT LEAST as far back as 2016. Seriously? NOTHING! I own and am the CTO of a multinational server company and if someone complains about a feature twice, it goes on the JIRA for important updates. I'm shocked this has gone on for so long without a simple solution. 


How to remove all songs in queue at once?



this is my first post on spotify community. Had already several good ideas, that are existing now like this summary every year and over the time 🙂


Related to the multi select of songs in any list, that you can see to be able to perform actions on multiple songs like "add to playlist", "remove from playlist" or also what would be interesting to have multiple select feature "go to songs radio", ephasis on the s in songs. Means that would intelligently create a song radio, based on multiple songs.


So what i am wondering, when will it be done? 🙂