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(Mobile) Return repeat and queue buttons to Now Playing screen

The new UI for the Now Playing screen on mobile (iOS and Android) doesn't seem space-efficient. I understand that inevitably the design will be refreshed and changed, but, given the amount of unused screen space, I don't think it was necessary to move the view queue and repeat buttons into a separate menu. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to find space to these on the main screen, espcially considering how often many users make use of these features.

Note: Attached images show the Spotify iOS app version 8.4.91 on an iPhone SE compared to a previous iOS app version 8.4.81, I believe.

iOS Now playing menu.PNG
iOS Now playing Old.PNG
iOS Now playing.PNG

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


Just a heads up, that the Repeat and Queue buttons have returned to the Now Playing View on the mobile app. 




The repeat button has moved to the left and you Queue can be found just below. 




They really need to GET RID OF THAT SHARE BUTTON on the bottom right and make that the repeat button. I find that to be the most useless button and espcially because when you take a screenshot in the spotify app it allows you to share it. Glad someone else posted as i think i'm not allowed to post new ideas yet, really hope they change it soon. I did figure out one thing when you already have a queue playing you can touch the word queue and it brings you to it, otherwise yeah having to press two things where before it was only one is inconvenient in my opinion. Lastly, which is why i disliked the full screen ui because instead of having the queue box thing they made it a share button *sigh* but i do love the new ui besides those two little inconveniences 


Really upset about this! I would like the option to repeat and button to view the queue put back on the now playing screen for easy access. I worked hard on my posted idea years ago to rally support to get Spotify to add a repeat option and now they are hiding it away. A huge step backwards. 75% of the time I am using the app, I have the repeat one option turned on. I like to listen to a song over and over agian and this makes it harder to do that.


Now to repeat, queue, or add a song to a playlist, or select any of the other options you have to reach your hand to the very top right of the screen. This can be hard especially on large screens (Plus, Max iPhones). Before that "..." button was easy to access at the bottom of the screen. Easy access options should be easy to reach at the bottom of the screen, not the top.


This will also make using Spotify in the car harder. Especially when the car mode isn't available on iOS only Android.

Terrible! I've been searching "@SpotifyCares repeat" on Twitter and there's lot of people who think the same. I miss the Spotify designs of the past. It seems the design team has lost touch with what the users actually want.


The only good thing about the new design is that the time stamps on the left and right side of the bar aren't hidden anymore with auto hide. 

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Marked as new idea


I support this change-back. Having a mini-Now Playing screen within and behind the real Now Playing screen is bad and confusing design 


Agreed! The repeat button is better where it was, I hardly ever ‘heart’ music so there’s no need for that button to have replaced the repeat button. Since this is a premium feature I don’t understand why they’ve made it harder to get to 😠 


@Gracereborn wrote:

Agreed! The repeat button is better where it was, I hardly ever ‘heart’ music so there’s no need for that button to have replaced the repeat button. Since this is a premium feature I don’t understand why they’ve made it harder to get to 😠 


i don't mind the heart just wish it was a confirm to delete if we ever accidently pressesed it but that share button is the one THAT HAS TO GET OUT because that's more useless than the save to library button 


I really don't like the change to remove the loop button. I can no longer quickly hit the loop (for one song) when I pull up to a stop sign or red light anymore. It's frustrating to have it on a completely separate screen.


 Completly agree - this refresh of the iOS app unnecessarily hides commonly used funcitons under a sub-menu


Please listen to this Spotify! I used those "Queue" and "Repeat" buttons multiple times throughout the day. Now it's been hidden behind a menu and replaced with the heart button.

I never use the "Like" function, and I don't want to. This new update is so poorly designed - the amount of wasted space is ridiculous.


I love Spotify and have been a premium customer for years, but recent updates and performance issues are making me think about switching to Apple Music for the first time.


I'm not the only one who thinks there have been issues; just take a look at some of the posts on the Spotify subreddit:  597 upvotes  135 upvotes  462 upvotes



More complaints  80 upvotes  238 upvotes


Quote from /u/IlSoleNuovo:

They hid the repeat settings in the ellipsis menu. Such a bizarre design choice if you actually want to listen to complete albums. However, if you want to force listeners to discover whatever musicians you're being pushed to promote then it makes perfect sense.

It's easy to see what's influencing their choices.


I totally agree. It’s the first thing I noticed when I booted up the app with the new UI - I use the queue constantly (I always start listening by queuing up half a dozen songs or so, and I also like to look at what’s coming up next and remove songs I don’t want to listen to/move forward ones I do) and having to tap multiple times and scroll to get to the queue is really infuriating and slow.


And on top of that, they still haven’t fixed the bug where having a non-standard dynamic text size makes the last song in the queue invisible!