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[Playlists] Sort List of Playlists alphabetically

How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that sorting your lists of playlists alphabetically is now available across devices. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


 I have been a Loyal Spotify User for a very long time. Today in protest I have UNSUBSCRIBED My Premium Membership and will NOT be re-newing until we Spotify Premium PAYERS get some answers.

Enough is Enough. I encourage the rest of you to consider doing the same.


I note that this idea was submitted 2 years ago.  A year ago they wanted us to know they were still working on it.  Yet here we are.   It appears they are not working on it.  I love using Spotify and don't mind paying the premium fee.  But I think I will take some time and explore functionality of other streaming services and see if others have better basic functionality and at what price.  


I just left Deezer for Spotify. With Deezer I didn't have this problem with the Alphabetical order, but you can't just drag and drop folders and playlists there. I left Deezer because Spotify has volume normalization on pc and phone, and Spotify has way better personal music recommendations, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Until now I am rather happy with Spotify (apart from the way the Library works and their handling of local files).


Please bring this feature asap (to the desktop app). It is simply unbelievable that one cannot sort playlists... should've been a default option right from the start!


This is such a basic concept, why hasn't this been done already? Even if I had to do it through the webplayer and then let it update to my phone. Comeon spotify, let's make this happen!


Guys, get on with it! This is so easy and thousands of users have asked for it! It makes Spotify look so primitive and clunky, it's appalling. Please, just do it!


What a joke. How long can it take to implement this functionality? I have been paying 10 euros a month for who knows how many years. There aren't that many updates to the UI anyways, so I really wonder what you guys use your working hours for? Drinking coffee?


Weird that the mobile app will alphabetize my playlists, but the desktop version doesn't.


Zorunlu olması gereken bu özellik için bir de oy mu vereceğiz? 20+ kategori var ve her yeni şarkı için liste arıyorum.


Yea it'd be a smart idea to give us the option to organize aplhabetically or chronologically. I'm litterally about to manually organize 100+ of my playlists alphabetically right now cuz I'm sick of scrollin through it and missing what im looking for