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Remote control.



It could be great to be able to remote control my computer Spotify app from the Spotify mobile device app. (iPhone un my case)

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.

Alright, so my idea is to essentially make an addition to the spotify app that would allow for the user to control his or her home computer to play music via mobile device. This would be almost exactly like apples iremote, allowing the user to shuffle through library's from their phone and make it so the second they walk through their front door, they can hear music of their choice already playing.

I used to do this with an App called Remoteless. I have not used it for a while cause Ijust hooked up bluetooth to my different home systems and just play everything from my iPhone. But maybe it still works.




Sorry about that...Here is the main link for the article.  This has what you want.



The only app I know that can control Spotify on your iPhone is via another iOS device.  It's called SpotQueue.




Well, not sure what OS you're using on your mobile phone but for android there are a few Spotify remote control apps on Google Play Store. I didn't' try any of those yet, but for example "Spotimote" looks exactly like the app you're requesting.


Hope that helps you out!


I'd also like to see this feature. Additionally I would love it if the remote would allow you to thumb up/thumb down songs when listening to the Spotify radio. This way you wouldn't always have to go to the computer when listening in the living room. If this feature would be made available over the API, third party software/hardware, like hifi tuners or media center software could control this directly.


This feature really shoild be included, and surely have a feature on the mobile devices to control it.


Apps out there.




Great idea.....i dont want to be at my PC, i want to be back at the party putting on a banging tune!


I created a post without recognizing that this idea was already in discuss so i duplicate my message here:

"There are som 3rd party apps out there that converts the phone into a remote but this only works for a given playlist and theese remotes can only handle things like swtich back and forward, play/pause and turn volume up/down. What "Remote Mode" should do is that everything you do on your phone when activated, will affect on the computer (or other device, like smart tv apps if that's on it's way etc.). You should be able to play other playlists, search for songs, add songs to queue, turn on radio etc. "

I thought that i could be look something like this































Hope you like it 🙂


since most things on the mobile app are retroactive to the computer app, it seems like this could be accomplished by adding an output selection to the mobile app, and vise versa in the computer app. This way, wherever you were logged in, still limited to an account playing music on one device at a time you could just choose which device outputs the sound but control whats being played from anyother device. this way potentially every device could be used as a remote for everything else.


... I think it'd be cool anyway 🙂