[Subscription] Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US

The free google home incentive is currently only available in the US for Family subscriptions of $14.99, i believe this should also be available in Europe / UK as we pay a higher cost for the same service (in UK spotify family works out to $19.40) with none of the benefits such as this.

Updated on 2019-03-21

Hey folks, 


Thanks for voting on this idea. 


The Google Home Mini offer is now currently available in the UK and France. If the offer becomes available in other countries, we'll let people know on Spotify.com. 





What do family subscribers get in Canada? Premium gets a free Google home mini, and people that pay more get nothing? Fix this


Agreed -- in the US family plans were eligible. Do it for Canada as well.


Completely ridiculous that inoay more than the states and get less offers. I may cancel and tell anyone who will listen to go to Apple music or another strwastre service since Spotify doesn't care about Canada


Is it available for family plans in Canada?


Same for me. After having asked Spotify, they told me to sent it back to
Google, then Google will reimburse. Go on your order in Google Market and
ask to return your google home mini.

How do I get the free google home mini?  I'm a premium member but I didn't receive it during the offer last year


How do I get my google home mini with my family account?


I just got premium subscription of spotify and paid 9.99 but when I tried to book for Google home mini it display as an error.

Looks like I am being scammed by spotify by false advertisement of Spotify to get free Google home mini for activation of premium account.

If anyone can help please let me know.


I just signed up for premium family in the UK. How do I get the code for the Google home mini?

It says I need to tell Spotify I am interested but it doesn't tell you how or give any links. 


Why is it saying I am ineligible in Canada with a Spotify premium for family account? I see here that subscribers in the USA and UK are eligible.. How do I claim as a Canadian subscriber