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Support Windows 10 Change-Volume-UI




When using the volume knob/button on keyboard in Windows 10 and a song is playing in Windows Media Player, it looks like in the image above. Not only does the systems volume level indicator show up, but also the current song with metadata, cover art and simple controls.


It would be really great if music playing in Spotify showed up here too.

Updated: 2016-11-29


Not very useful, but very annoying.


It covers a large section of the screen, terrible for gaming considering that you may adjust the volume several times while you play.


Please make this "trendy" idea as an option and not force this.


If this is an option, please let me know how to turn this off.


Why is this not an option? Completely unnecessary. If you have the desktop application open on a second display, the overlay takes up a significant portion of the top left corner of the main display, which is prime real estate.


This is awful. Found the following in another thread regarding the volume icon, but looks like the minimum timeout you can set is 5s. Checking the box doesn't help 😕


Please add an option to disable. It is not condusive to playing video games.



control panel

all control panel items

ease of access center

make it easier to focus on tasks

turn off all unnecessary animations

show for 5 seconds (minimum available)


Please let us turn this off. It takes up so much space on my primary monitor, and I don't need to be reminded of what I'm listening to every time I change the volume.


For goodness sake HOW DO YOU TURN THIS FEATURE OFF !!!!!


I get the facts that some folks might want it, but MAKE IT OPTIONAL.   


It takes nothing to give us an option !!!!


Please fix immediately !



Oh no... This is disturbing my workflow!! An option to disable this would be appreciated!

Please fix this.


Yeah this is ridiculously large and completely disrupting my work, to the point that I'm going to have to completely close spotify. Where's the option to disable this?


This idea sucks! At least give people an option to turn this ridiculous feature off. It completely disrupts my workflow as it forces me to look at it for 5 freaking seconds (sometimes even 10). So frustrating! 


For those of you who are looking for a temporary fix (at least on Windows 10), I would recommend this tool This turns off the volume popup in Windows all together, so it's not an ideal solution. But at least it works for now. The good thing is that you can start and stop this small app any time you want (i.e. the effect is not permanent).


This absolutely must be optional.  I don't want to have to close Spotify every time I want to watch a movie or a stream because when I change the volume a giant banner pops up on the top left of my screen.  Why do you guys insist on having the most unconfigurable desktop app imaginable?  Sometimes I really consider why I have a premium membership with you guys.  Guess I'll use the web player for now even though I can't use my keyboard's media keys for that.  /facepalm


 Please, please make this an option ASAP. I understand why some people wanted it but the rest of us were totally blindsided by a large and disruptive display. I use Spotify as ambient noise at work among other things, and it blocks a large part of my screen! As others have said, I also don't always want to let me coworkers see what I'm listening to.


Please make this a priority! It's clear I'm not alone in hating this feature.