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[Web Player] Bring back the queue!!!

The web browser just updated and I can no longer see my queue of songs nor add songs to the queue. 


This feature is an absolute must at work, why did you take it away? 

Unhappy at the moment and will gladly cancel my subscription if this feature is gone for good. 

Updated on 2018-01-30

 Hey everyone, this has now been implemented! You should now be able to find your Play Queue when using the Spotify Web Player. Thanks for your feedback here.


That's great, and in less than a year 😉


Thanks, Meredith and Spotify. It took a little while, but you did listen to all our requests and you brought the queue back. To be honest, I was not optimistic. Thanks for proving me wrong. :^)


Thanks from me as well Spotify. I still don't appreciate that such a big feature was removed with no real explanation as to why. It makes me suspicious that you guys were trying to force user behaviour that you knew we would not appreciate. Hopefully, in the future, you will have more consideration for us.


That's great! But where is the queue button? It doesn't look like anything has been added to the web player.


SWEEEET!!!! It's finally back!
Finally Spotify, thank you!


For anyone that can't yet see the play queue in the web player (as a little icon in the bottom right on the left of the volume), or the option to "Add to Queue"...

Make sure your web browser is up to date!

As soon as I updated both Firefox and showed up!


Thank you again Spotify for finally listening to your users!

I will now go back to using Spotify for my music listening needs.


I still don't have my queue


FINALLY. Thank you, Spotify! Now, if you could bring back sorting on the webplayer >> The UI is still unnavigable on long playlists. Not to mention ugly.

I wish I could add an entire album or playlist to my queue from web, like I can in Google Play Music. Going through and adding each song takes a loooong time. This, and not notifying me when I add duplicate songs to a playlist in the web player, are why I pay for Play music and Spotify now 😞


Adding albums to Queue is possible, at least on Windows! And Spotify always notifys you if you are adding a track twice to the same playlist as long as it from the same album, I myself have noticed that you can in fact add duplicate songs to a playlist if they are from a different album from the same artist but in general it always notifys you on web player as well as on a device!


In relation to this topic, the queue function is in fact there but has been hidden which I think is a shame and hope it wil be considered in future updates! Its a great feature which allows users more control of their favourite tracks!