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[Your Music] Make 'Your Music' offline on Desktop

This is a follow up of the idea: Ability to make "Your Music" offline


The issue is that on the desktop client, you cannot save music from "Your Library" offline at all, you must create a playlist.




Spotify Desktop (Your Music)


Notice that there's no way to make that particular album in "Your Music" available offline.


Yet on my Android client, I see a Download option near this album to make it available Offline:


Android (Your Music)



The only items that present such an option on the desktop client are playlists as shown below:


Desktop (Playlists)



On iTunes (Apple Music) however, I can make anything available offline on my desktop:


iTunes (My Music)



This for me is the biggest problem with Spotify and why I'm currently an Apple Music subscriber.  In general, the desktop client lags behind features on the mobile clients which are actually far better.


There are many more examples of differences that I can demonstrate, but this is the most important.


The ability to make My Music available offline on mobiles appeared more than a year ago.  Can we please have this and further differences addressed on the desktop client soon?




Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Desktop. You can now download not only playlists, but also albums and podcast episodes by clicking on the download icon so that it turns green Mihail_0-1625666628944.png


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.




Why is it that every time a new feature gets implemented, it's such a struggle to get it supported by all platforms? I really think there are some major issues in Spotify's development process and/or code structure if you have to reinvent the wheel every time for each platform. I understand that some features, especially on the UI side are platform dependent but for example this is such a simple core feature that it should have been released on all platforms at the same time.


Another question is why is it, that everytime a new patch or update is released, some features or design elements, that were used frequently, were usefull and people were used to them, they just disappear somehow. I am sure that there was such option to save my music for offline use on my Windows desktop app, based on artist or album, not only on playlist. Now I have dozens of playlists created, so I can then save them to listen offline to some band, or only to some of their albums - one playlist for each situation. That is very annoying. Please bring this back.


Cvan_ghost2 is right. Every major update Spotify introduces something new, but they take out USEFUL features. Like ''available offline'', the volume bar etc. what's next? Play/pause button?..


darn guys, make that 'available offline' feature! 

Guess I'll have to bring back that all music playlist. And add to my music also so I can get a breakdown by album and artist. You'd think the spotify team had never seen a music app before...

Added my kudos to this feature request. I would expect this to be synced by the way, mobile saved offline items also saves things offline on desktop client sorta like you can download apps to your android phone from a webbrowser on a desktop (I'm on mac and ios by the way but used to have an android). I actually use my desktop (late 2012 macbook pro) to stream music in the car via a hotspot because I hate how you can only play things by album rather than auto advancing to the next song (in the next album) like the desktop version does. I personally do not like creating playlists, I like playing stuff by artist, or radio. I don't want to have to compile a playlist just to listen to stuff.


THe workaround of the playlist is nice, but not really up to the expectation of having a desktop app that does at least as much as the mobile app!!!!


thank you !


So while online/on my desktop I can right click or use the 3dots button and use "Save to your Music" and that will then allow me to on my Iphone 6s+ listen to that song/album/whatever if having no internet or service ie OFFLINE completeley? Is that the same for creating a playlist also, is that you can listen to them while OFFLINE completeley?


THe playlist just helps you have tihngs more organized gneerally?


Thanks for any input just wanting to make sure premium is right for me as a user of mainly on the road/touring use.


 Any update Spotify Team? It's been a year so far, and it seems fairly easy to implement, considering it's already been done on mobile.