[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2021-07-20

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

Тhis has been one of our most upvoted ideas and we've known it's something that our users would really like to see come true. 
We're happy to announce that this feature will now become available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

It will be gradually rolled out, so it might take a bit until everybody has access to it.  That being said, we'd like to let you know that the roll-out rate has increased a lot in the last weeks, so if you haven't received the feature in the past, try reinstalling the app on your watch again and there's a big chance you'll get Offline listening now.

Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better and voting to make this happen, here on the Community.


You need to go to playlist on iPhone and press three dots .. and select download to Apple Watch. Need perform this set for all. Spotify true is very easy to use … what a piece of **bleep**


I thought Spotify was crying out loud apple doesn’t give them option. Where is our option to be able to pay through App Store? Oh wait doesn’t suit your narrative lol 


I would love it if you could also download your favorite songs to the Apple Watch, and not have to create a playlist where you add all your favorite songs, and when a new song comes you have to manually add it to the playlist.