[iOS][Other] Add an app widget for iOS 14

Status: Implemented

Update 10/14: Spotify just implemented widgets in their latest version! Thanks to developers and to the community for your upvotes 🙂
Now Spotify if you see this, please add time-synced lyrics functionality worldwide!



Make a good looking widget with for example recently played titles, media controls or most listened to playlists, that would be nice for the iOS 14 release

Example here with Apple Music widgets:



This second image is from Max McKinney on YouTube, you can check his concept video for ideas:

Updated on 2020-10-15

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!


The Spotify widget should be now available on iOS devices running iOS 14.0




I think Spotify can keep a consistent theme with Apple Watch and add widgets for recently played, currently playing (which could be paused but the where the user left off), and library. These can also be optimized by adding additional controls and content to wider/bigger widgets.


iOS 14 widgets aren't interactive. So it'd be nothing more than a big app icon with some Now Playing info and deep links into the Spotify app. No playback controls allowed. The old iOS 13 and before widgets were interactive. These new ones look nice, but are pretty useless. Outside of looking nicer, they're a big step backward functionally.

You're right. But I'd still like a well-designed widget on the home screen
to show me what was currently playing that would open the full Spotify when
I clicked on it.

Yep, that would be much better than just an app icon.


The failing is really Apple with a half baked new widget implementation. I use the old interactive widgets all the time, so losing that and having to open the app for anything interactive is frustrating and not a good UX. 


Getting close to 5,000 votes! 🥳


I fear that apple will not allow this as spotify is a competitor to apple music.


Is this going to come soon?



I would prefer a widget where I can change skip and play! It’s nice to see what’s playing but it’s even nicer to be able to control what’s playing. Definitely would beat apples widget.


Months later and still no widgets, it’s sad Spotify 


This feature is already late. When will it be delivered?

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