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The amazon fire we have is mainly used by our 6 year old daughter. She's got her own profile here so she's got related app for her she. Since Spotify Kids was just released it would be ideal to make it available in the Amazon AppStore

Updated on 2021-06-14

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How do we check to see if this new idea is approved and if there will be an app coming for Kindle? I have a 7 year old who would love his own Spotify profile!


Yes, the Amazon tablets have a great kid's experience. This platform should be prioritized!


Please do this. All their songs are “ruining” my Spotify play history 😅


I also think this should be prioritized. The Kindle is easily the most affordable kids tablet, I imagine tons of families use it! Us included!


Seriously! Why make a kids app and ignore the largest adaptation of a Parental Control solution on Andriod? Amazon FreeTime is widely adopted by parents to manage kids use of tablets and groom their content, IMO, this is a major oversight for a kids app. Get it on the the Amazon AppStore for Andriod and the parents can do the rest.


I would very much like to see this added ASAP, having just upgraded to the family package. The kids kindle fire is pretty ubiquitous and Android powered so this cannot be an impossible/difficult ask.


I'm very disappointed to find this hasn't already been done. There will be no point continuing with our family account if this doesn't get sorted soon.


And while we cannot download the Spotify Kids app on the Amazon Fire, is there a workaround? I cannot send an email to the device, nor did I so far discover the place where to manually enter the links. 

So even if I opened a new Spotify account with fake birth date for my little son, how can I get this account linked to our family account?


Thanks for help!


I would would upgrade to the family plan if I could get Spotify Kids app on my kids Kindle Fire tablets. I don't see the benefit of the family plan if I can't put it on their tables. 




this is a needed feature, ASAP. Also, to have the option to add to Alexa/Google and Roku, would be fabulous!