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[All Platforms][Playlists][Premium] Preview song samples when adding songs to playlists

Bring the ability to preview songs when adding them to a playlist back, it makes it extremely hard to find new music to add to a playlist cause you no longer know what it sounds like without listening to it separately from the add songs list. The feature made it supremely satisfying to make a new playlist and removing this feature ruins the likeability of the app for both me and many other listeners. It's a extreme mistake and I'd highly recommend to add it back not only for ease of UI but for general expansion of music exploration.

Updated on 2022-05-14

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Already 95 votes in 3 weeks. We now need 85 more votes to reach 180. That milestone will turn this in a Live Idea and only then this will get brought to the attention of the Spotify team.

We need to reach at least 180 votes in under 6 months.


I am very dissatisfied you took away the feature to pre listen to a song before adding it to a playlist and I will be considering canceling my subscription, how am I supposed to create playlist when I don’t know what version of the song it is. NOT WHAT I SIGNED Up For!!!!


like a lot of other people, this was the only way i could find new music, listen to a few seconds of it, if i liked it i’d add it. but now i find it really hard to add new songs to a playlist, i’d be able to create a playlist for a certain thing with songs i like, preview songs when i want to expand the playlist and if they fit what i want for that play list i add them. but now i have to go look up and listen to the song first which gets time consuming when you want to add a lot of songs. please just bring it back so many people are upset about this it was a stupid decision 😕


If you are reading this please copy the link and share this petition to all discord servers possible, talk to friends and family about this and voting on this. We need this now more then ever.


This is the second comment by me, so rightfully should not be counted as a separate person advocating for a feature.

I read that the concern of Spotify may be free users using the sample feature and then buying the music or downloading it for free, elsewhere. One could simply use YouTube or some other service for free sampling of music. 

The sample feature for adding songs to a play list is a blatantly obvious feature that any platform should want to implement and keep, to make their platform preferable. Please restore this feature.


Also, some years ago the number of musics suggestion at the time you were making a playlist was unlimited, now its not. We would really apreciate if it get unlimited again


Seriously F you Spotify for this one!  Worst UI and update I’ve ever come across. You might as well get rid of the “Add song” option all together because not being able to preview songs makes it completely useless. The fact that anyone thought this was a good idea makes me completely question Spotify as a company and the people working there. 


Alright! 179 votes. Just one more and this will be turned in a Live Idea. Then we pray. 🙂


Spotify should see the rate that this idea is going at and take that as a sign to bring the feature back. It has ruined my relationship with Spotify ever since they deleted going so far as to try 2 other streaming services. Spotify would be the best if they brought this feature back even if it might be only a premium feature (which would suck major balls). If this feature isn't brought back I'm switching music streaming services cause this is some bullsht.q


I truly do not understand why this is simply not just a Premium feature, if they are so worried about people abusing the feature to download songs from other locations.  This is a total "knee **bleep**" reaction to a not-so-real problem.  Spotify got this one totally wrong.