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[Android][Connect] Bring back support for removed BMW Connected Drive Integration

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Spotify Integration with BMW Idrive 6 has always been sporadic and not all advertised features work. The latest Spotify versions and have bugs and the App does not appear in IDrive at all. The pervious version of Spotify was somewhat unreliable as I had to occasionally repair my phone with the car. I can no longer see the Spotify App in my BMW media list. 

I can only listen to spotify from the bmw bluetooth audio option. 


I've tried pairing an iPhone and the app appears on iDrive. For my android issue I deleted the App data and cache of both Bmw ConnectedDrive and Spotify app. I also unpaird the bluetooth connection between my smartphone car. Lastly, I uninstalled both Spotify and the BMW Apps. Nothing works.


Additionally, it would be great if my Playlist order in my car matched the order on the phone. For example, although my phone app is sorted alphabetically, my car would only show playlists in the order of what was most recently created.


Who else thinks Spotify needs to get it together and provide a quality app that integrates with iDrive?


Fix the Spotify Bug!

Updated on 2020-10-13

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any new news on or plans to reimplement right now.

If we do have any information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Hi. Same problem as me. Samsung s8. BMW idrive all updated. Series 2 Grand Tourer. 

No Spotify app available on the idrive. 

I can play music via bluetooth through spofity.


I tried everything to get the app back on the car. The only thing I haven't tried is to reset users on the car. 


It does make me laugh that this is a constant problem, trying to get Spotify to work with idrive. I've not long been able to change songs via the controls on the steering wheel. 

I think it's Spotify fault with the last update. 

How much do we pay for Spotify? Can I have some credit please due to the constant issues with I drive. 




I don't understand how/why they continue to advertise this "feature" knowing that there are sporadic issues. I just bought a new car and the salesman made a point to let me know about all of the wonderful music Apps that are integrated with iDrive.


IOS users do not appear to have any connectivity issues.


Same here.  Doubly frustrating as I just bought the car and got it set up and working on my/wifes phones, then it disappeared the next time I tried to use (which after a couple of reinstalls I now realise was due to the app updating).  Spotify needs to get the basics right here.  Having fancy add on gimmicks like music video gifs and lyrics etc is great but totally pointless if the app updates stop you from being able to do the one thing that's essential..... listen to your music!  Once this is fixed, my updates will remain firmly off for this app. 


I have the same problem after update...


Hi all. 

New update on play store for Spotify. I'll try and connect and report back. 

Version 8.5.6 9.834


As normal. Doesn't work on BMW idrive. I tried the secret handshake that I've become to love when trying to play Spotify. 


You're right. I also installed 8.5.6 9.834 and no changes. I sent spotify the info yesterday and they said their technical team is looking into a fix. 


Same problem here.
Huawei P30 with Android 10.1.

Spotify worked (more or less) without problems on my iDrive 6/BMW 1-Series F20 until the infamous version
Now I'm on the 8.5.6 9.834, but the problem is still there.
I already tried clearing the cache of both Spotify and BMW Connected apps, and all the usual stuff you can try in those situations: no luck.
I hope that Spotify can quickly fix this issue.

  • Evening all. 

New update for BMW connect app on the play store. 

I updated app, reboot phone.

On the Idrive I deleted my phone and reconnected via Bluetooth. 

Guess what! Spotify Still doesn't work. 


Before I drive off, I have to give myself an extra 5min to do the Idrive phone connection shuffle. 🙄. Wife thinks I'm mad.

Please spofity, for mine and fellow BMW owners who have Android phones. 

You can do it. 👍




What is the secret shuffle? I've tried every combination of resets, cache
clears, uninstalls that I can think of. It worked for a brief moment but
went off again.
It's like trying to crack a safe! Or enter a cheat code on a comsole from
the 90s!!

🤣🤣😂90's console. Very good.

You had to tape the TV program and pause at the end credits to find the codes you wanted.

Think my shuffle goes like many other bmw, Android owners. Ends with, **bleep** I'll listen to the radio!  DAB of course. Not FM.  Why would I go back to old tech. Oh, wait. I remember. It works!  Well. Most of the time. 🙄


🤔I wonder if they have Spotify on the international space station. Just saying Spotify. You can do it. 🙏