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[Android] Landscape mode on Now Playing view

When using my phone in the car I put it in a car holder. The holder is horizontal in order to have better view for navigation etc. I use spotify also a lot in the car but when using the playing music I'm not able to rotate the screen but the playlists dose rotate


I'm left with no choice but to rip your songs and use software that supports landscape mode, I don't want to do this. In my car and at home on phones and tablets I use landscape mode.. I use portrait mode when my phone is in my pocket with the screen off... Yay Spotify you fail!. If you are too lazy to get off your ass and implement landscape mode (which you used to have) then what other options do I have? As a premium member for near 2 decades over multiple accounts I'm disgusted on how lazy you have become and will continue to teach people how to bypass your fees because they will get a better experience without paying. Get off your ass, stop being lazy!


Everyone seems to be enjoying landscape mode but for me it's just the worst!! I don't wanna turn off auto-rotate on my phone but I'd still like to have Spotify in only portrait mode. Perhaps you could make it possible to toggle on/off?


Must admit it is so annoying only half the Spotify app works in landscape mode. I generally rip from Spotify and play on another player or use Tidal instead.

A hack is to install autorotate app which then forces Spotify to always be in landscape mode even during playback modes. Downside is the entire phone is in landscape, but for driving that's what I generally want anyway as the holder is horizontal.




more than 5 years now 🤗


I've posted about a few things over the years. In many cases, I didn't post at all but read through the postings to see what (if any) resolution came about. And Spotify in particular is absolutely terrible about actually doing anything about anything. At best, you'll only ever get an "okay we've told the right people about this", and then you'll see people continuing to post about it for the next 5 years.


I'm convinced at this point that this forum is just a means of judoing away customer complaints by letting us convince ourselves that we're actually doing something.


Sadly it seems that the issue isn't generating enough complaints to draw their attention. If you sort the "Live Ideas" by the number of votes, you'll see numerous topics with significantly higher votes than this one.


Why did they remove landscape mode.


While I am driving, my phone is mounted in landscape mode for maps and navigation.


When switching to spotify now playing screen, the app forces my phones layout back to portrait mode.


I have to turn my head while driving just to see what song is playing.




But yeah, as many of the comments here stated... It doesn't help to complain. I don't think Spotify cares about their customers anymore. They make enough money. Its probably just AI support bots leaving canned responses to "reinstall the app" and "ensure you have the latest version installed".


Have some balls and reply like a human being.


That's why, after so many years with premium, me and my family left for YouTube Premium (could have chose only YT Music, but for € extra...)


The culprits were the landscape mode issue and poorly syncing and streaming to with Google home services.


After weeks with vague to non responses (and I hate the "have you tried resetting" kind of respondes as much as the "we have reached the superior guys about this..."), we quit Spotify for good and have been really happy with Google.


Surely they have some problems from time to time, but at least I feel that if one complaints harder they try to resolve or explain the issue. Something that Spotify doesn't do (which is mindfully bizarre for a European Company given the community mindset of most of EU companies).