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[Android] Landscape mode on Now Playing view

When using my phone in the car I put it in a car holder. The holder is horizontal in order to have better view for navigation etc. I use spotify also a lot in the car but when using the playing music I'm not able to rotate the screen but the playlists dose rotate


People have been asking for Spotify to give us a decent landscape view since 2014 with still no action. I use landscape on my tablet and some screens in Spotify display portrait another landscape. I must look a fool keep having to twist my head to use Spotify.  Come on Spotify, 5 years without a landscape is a joke.




Plan: Premium

Country: Portugal

Handy: Nokia 5 (TA-1024)

Android version: 9 Updated: February the 1st, 2019


Same problem here... (All screens taken on landscape mode.




Same issue. Tried the suggested fixes, to no avail. Now Playing view reverts to portrait orientation when phone is in landscape. App doesn't recover from it well, either, once I try to get back to the list view (final screenshot).

Device: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

OS: Android 8.1.0

Spotify Version:











Same problem on the Huawei P10! Latest version available installed.


Thx for looking into this problem 🤝


Same issue on my two devices

Latest version of spotify on both.

LG g6 android 8.0

Huawei P30 pro android 9.0


I have the same issue. Android 9.0 on a Galaxy Note 8. This issue seems to coincide with a new design for the Now Playing page that was released this week. 


Fun fact: The ADs still rotate?


Issue still occuring for me. I also have behind the lyrics displaying, despite having disabled that particular feature in settings.


I installed the app today, so I'm definitely using the newest version. Something I've noted after several reinstalls of the app, when I freshly reinstall the app, it will work in landscape... until the first time it enters portrait mode in the cover flow. once it enters portrait mode once, it stays that way. reinstalling the app replicates the one-time fix reliably.


Am using the latest spotify version, and an S8+ running Android ver. 9. Can provide further technical details upon request.


It's really annoying so I hope it's fixed soon. I have my phone on a landscape wireless charger as a music display, and it being in portait only is sorta harshin' my mellow over here.


Same here since today !! wth give us back our landscape mode stupid assholes!! How can we drive with 90 degree head ??? **bleep** !


Same issue before and after reinstall. Moto Z Force, Android 8.0, Spotify