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[Android] Long Press on Android

For a week or two now I've lost the option to long-press on a song, album, etc. in order to access the menu for things like adding it to the queue or a playlist. This was by far the easiest way to interact with the app. Please reimplement this feature. Please. Like really. Please. 

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


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I'd also like to see this feature return. It was definitely my preferred way to open options over the triple dot. Maybe have it return as toggable option in Settings?


Also I'm wondering what the reason was to remove this option. An oversight or intentional?

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-09-26

Marked as a new idea 🙂


So incredibly stupid something like this would be intentionally removed. What are the developers a spotify smoking because it must be some good stuff.


I would like to co-sign this request. The long press is so simple and intuitive and switching to the 3 buttons on the side is annoying and an extra step that's entirely unnecessary. It makes changing things on the fly when I'm working out or biking much more frustrating and difficult. It seems like Spotify has made the Android version more like the Apple version. If I wanted less functionality and limited options I would bought an iphone. Don't water down the app just to make it uniform. Spotify has always been amazing and had an incredibly intuitive and easy to use set up and these last 2 updates getting rid of the home screen widget and long press are seriously annoying. 


I hate how when we lose features it gets marked as a 'New Idea'


Hope to get this back also. 


I feel like so many features we used to have have slowly atrophied. 




Interestingly, it looks like long press still exists inside playlists. 

Another feature gone.


Or a bug fix? The idea isn't new. Lol. 


This is a bug, not a new idea, the long press works on my One plus 5T on latest.


I am also extremely disappointed with Spotify. So many nice features which made interacting with the app quick and smooth have been stripped back! And its so frustrating. 


I was playing Dj during a road trip, and learnt the hard way that long press has been removed. And skipped track half way through a song. This really really sucked! And was not cool!


Please please bring back long press for menu! Why would you remove that? 


And swipe down for quick search within playlist! 2 must have features!