[Android] Long Press on Android

For a week or two now I've lost the option to long-press on a song, album, etc. in order to access the menu for things like adding it to the queue or a playlist. This was by far the easiest way to interact with the app. Please reimplement this feature. Please. Like really. Please. 

Updated on 2019-09-26

Marked as a new idea 🙂


I don't understand why they'd remove this, it's a standard Android interface. If I wanted the clunky, inefficient, hidden menu style of iOS that requires 3 presses to accomplish anything, I'd get an iPhone.


I'm really confused why they would remove this feature, then mark it as a "new idea".  There was a build sometime last year that kept crashing when I tried to use this feature, but it was eventually fixed and it worked great.  Unless they rebuilt the whole app from scratch, removing this feature is idiotic.  But then again, Spotify keeps insisting on doing idiotic things that hinder paying customers use of the service.