[Android] Long Press on Android

For a week or two now I've lost the option to long-press on a song, album, etc. in order to access the menu for things like adding it to the queue or a playlist. This was by far the easiest way to interact with the app. Please reimplement this feature. Please. Like really. Please. 

Updated on 2019-09-26

Marked as a new idea 🙂

Casual Listener

This should not be labeled as a "new Idea", but as a bugfix instead.


I am furious that they removed this feature. I've accidently skipped tracked mid song while playing dj on road trips etc. And it's so frustrating.


I don't understand why a clean interactive feature like this would he removed. Using the app takes so long now compared to a few years ago. This, and swipe down to search within playlist are reasons I am thinking to leave Spotify. 



Not a 'New Idea' but an infurating bug. Less functional redesigns are absolutly horriblle for user-experience.


Really Spotify? You remove a feature and now we should vote for it again?
BTW: It is somehow back but really randomly. Seems like you have some technical issues there...


I love Spotify so much!

But it starts to get very annoying.

At first, we have to collect a number of votes to add new functionality. Then we lose lots of useful obvious functionals more often and often.

And then we have to ask for this functionality to return it back. For many users it feels like it was removed by mistake. But then we see they mark those more like bug fix requests as a "New Idea".

It's really disappointing.


This is NOT a New idea and should definitely not labeled as such. The removal of a UNIVERSAL way of interaction, and for no reason at all, is outrageous


I second that this is not a new idea, and it's really frustrating on top of the recent design changes. This is a standard way of interacting with Android context menus, and I'm baffled as to why this would be intentionally removed. Please bring back this functionality!


Agree, the removal of such a simple process is infuriating and incomprehensible. I can only assume that it's a bug, as you'd like to think there's no way this could be a design choice. It's definitely not a new idea. 


Yet another feature gone. We used to have direct song sharing (in the app or desktop), then we lost the home screen widget, then the swipe down filter, and now finally the long press. What used to be a wonderful app has slowly degraded in quality and user experience.


Does anybody focus group these decisions before implementing? I can't imagine any user said they wanted this changed. As someone mentioned above, it seems that Spotify is trying to unify their Android and iOS experiences, which I would understand if it meant improving the weaker one until it matched the better one, but it seems we are going the opposite direction and watering down the Android app so it's more like iOS.


100% agree! The amount of times I've unwillingly skipped song, moving to a new play list and Messing up my que. Because I wanted to "add to playlist" or "add to que" 


3 tiny dots of click able area over the whole bar?? Why would you remove this??


Please bring back!