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[Android] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button

Hi, I tried out your new design, which I have mixed feelings about, but nevermind that. The most annoying thing I come over in the new Spotify (for iPhone by the way) is the dumb, big, overlapping, unnecessary shuffle play button that pops up everywhere. Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Could at least had add an option for it. Also, it doesn't look streamlined at all with the current design. Did it even occur that not everyone wants a shuffle play button?

Updated on 2020-11-04

Hey folks,
As some of you will have noticed, this has changed on iOS.
We've updated the idea, so that we can update everyone more accurately with regards to Android.
We're marking this as a 'Good idea', too.
Please know that your feedback is reaching the right teams here.

We'll post an update if anything changes!


I agree... I think 99% of people could find the shuffle at the top of lists from before and also access it while playing a song. The new shuffle button is very big and distracting. 

Agree with the above...the shuffle play button is very prominent and really clutters up the interface..for a function that many users would rarely use it seems. Any option to hide this would be great.

It is very, very annoying. If, at least, one could change it's behaviour to "play" instead of "shuffle" in the settings.

Even at the album folder, there is that huge "shuffle" thing. I don't think most (premium) users would shuffle each album.

Status changed to: Up for Votes


Marked as new idea. This idea requests to remove the shuffle play button on mobile apps.

I like the new button. Why isn't their a vote against option?

me 2 likey taht button


I agree with the original posting. For someone like me who never shuffles the new button is far too in your face.


PLease remove it from android too.

Agree, I hate this button placement

Yes, please remove this from there, I can't stand looking at that big, ugly button.