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Bring back liked song heart emoji!!

Please bring back the green heart emoji to indicate liked songs. There are many reasons why the plus and check mark are inferior and reduces the user experience. 

I like to systematically go through my favorite artists discography and indicate songs that I like more than others. Many times I make a playlist of songs for each of my favorite artists, but not all of them reach the standard of being a “liked” song worthy of my liked songs playlist. When viewing albums and playlists it used to be clearly obvious which songs were the ones that I liked because the green hearts were visible. Now it just shows a green check if it has been added to any playlist, not necessarily the liked songs playlist. For example I should be able to go into my “Drake” playlist and clearly see which songs in there I like more than others and are also on my liked songs playlist, as it used to be. 


This issue is especially annoying when viewing playlists such as the Daily mixes, and discover weekly (which are great btw). Many of those songs and artists are foreign to me and when I hear one I like I want to be able to find it when viewing the playlist in the future. The current format does not show clearly which songs you have liked, only if you have added them to any of your playlists even if you did not add them to your liked songs playlist. I don’t want all songs added to any playlist to be indistinguishable from those that I “heart”. This makes it much harder to navigate through my library and find my favorite songs. It should be easy to go to an album or playlist that I have listened to and see clearly which songs I have liked, without having to click on each song. Songs that I have added to other playlists than the liked songs playlist are indistinguishable from the ones that are truly liked songs worthily of the “heart”.


In conclusion, the check mark is less useful that the heart, requiring more steps to distinguish liked songs, and allowing less customization of users libraries.The heart emoji was perfectly fine and not taking up any unnecessary room in the display. Removing it seems like a total oversight by the developers not understanding how their own app is used by customers. I am not against the plus button/checkmark button but I, along with many if not most of your loyal customers, just ask that you bring back the heart emoji alongside it. Checkmark to indicate it is added to at least one of your playlists, heart to indicate it is truly one of your favorite songs and is added to your liked songs playlist. Please BRING BACK THE HEART in a future update!!


Thank you,



Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

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Agreed. It's frustating that when I'm listening through one of my own playlists, I can't quickly tell if I've favorited that song or not. Obviously I know it's been added to a playlist as I'm listening to it there, so what's the purpose?


If the point of this change is to allow you to see if it's been added to a playlist, a separate playlist button is better than losing the like functionality.


Trying to find new music and add it to my library has gone from a really easy process into a unintuitive mess. 


Please bring back liked songs AS DISTINCT FROM songs in playlists. It's just so frustrating 😭😞😞😭


100% agree. It's so annoying!! Bring back the heart button.


What irks me much more than the symbol is that the connection is broken between the "Liked songs" playlist and the "add to liked songs" button.

The button is specifically meant to add to "Liked songs", but now it means "Add to Liked Songs and whatever other playlist you think it should belong to". It's inventory system-related change, which in this case dismisses the importance of Liked Songs.


Every other playlist is a thematic collection done by the listener, sure, but Liked Songs are "what the user associates itself as".

It's the playlist that defines the listener and answers the question "so what music do you listen to".

Failing to understand this leads to poor design desicions.


The button has to mean only "Add to Liked Songs", and it has to only add or remove to and from Liked Songs playlist.

If it works, don't fix it. Instead, introduce "Add to playlist" button which excludes Liked Songs.


I am in the same trouble!!

Really confusing now.

I really need liked icon on the playlist!!


It would be even better if we had some control over this "liked song" feature. For example, I would like to get rid of it. I have playlists, many, and I have a system for managing my songs.


I don't just like to like songs, I put them in correct place. I don't only collect songs I like. Songs can be interesting, have some idea, or are useful for other some purpose.


I'd like to get like and unlike buttons removed from my UI. Is that really too much asked? It could be just one checkbox in options. I know that others would like this feature too. Also, the "Liked Songs" playlist should be gone.


And why? Well, I would like to have a bit more accessibility / better usability because of certain personal reasons that don't belong here, but I assure there are millions of people on this planet who have different kind of disabilities and issues. When I'm adding song to a playlist, Spotify pushes the "Liked Songs" there too - to a seemingly random location. Using a bouncy UI is so stressful, so this should not happen.


Stop loving your own ideas too much and start listening to users.


It was much easier to just tap the like-heart than it is to pin-link-choose from the dropdown. Why all the extra steps?

Also...since there is no feature to bookmark a song within a playlist, I used the heart icon to mark/indicate the last song listened to on a playlist so when I went back to that playlist, I could see the song I left off and continue listening from that point. 

So the like-heart has a double function. Please bring it back.

Keep it simple. Why keep adding features yet ignore/remove features that users need to enjoy the app?


Yes! People manage their own playlists, give us options to enhance that experience (like a star system for songs would be something I'd really enjoy, like the old iTunes)

I used the hearts constantly to know which songs in my playlists I liked the most. 

The idea you have that all songs in a playlist are favorite songs is just dumb and shows that you have no clue what the user experience of your app is.


Discover Weekly used to be my favorite feature. Now it's completely useless. ALL the songs have green checkmarks by them... to show that they are in a playlist... the same Discover Weekly playlist that they are in!!! So if I wanted to add them to my Liked Songs playlist... I have no idea what I already added. So incredibly stupid!

Status changed to: Good Suggestion

Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

For more details about how the Ideas Exchange works, please refer to here.