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Colored folders

In my time organizing music on Discogs, YouTube and Spotify, I have never needed a more robust organization system than in 2023. On Spotify, folders are organized currently by recents, custom order etc. That is fine, as the rigidity allows for predictibility and so it's harder for playlists to get lost. The one thing that would make for an even easier system to use - and to look at - is colored folders! Attached is an example of six colors: blue, green, purple, red, orange and yellow. For Spotify, you could try neon green, plum, desktop blue, bright red, yellow, silver etc. Any user would be able to click on the folder in question on desktop or hold down on the folder on mobile, to change the color to one of the six or however many choices. The colored folders would have text labels that remind the user of what they chose each color to represent. Colored folders would help immensely with visibility, on at least the desktop app. For users who have divided their library into dozens and dozens of folders, colored folders would probably feel like a godsend.


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Updated on 2023-09-20

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It would be much better if we could change the folder image like you can for playlists, but at this point anything will do. So sick of all folders looking the same, this is a feature people have been repeatedly asking for 5 years or so now and honestly feel like Spotify could knock out a solution in a day if they wanted.