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[Daily Mix] Customization: Create / Remove / Add / Merge Mixes

Daily Mixes is one of the best additions to Spotify yet, but as all new features it has room for a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to customizing your mixes. Right now mixes are enterily dependent on algorithms, however I think users should have a degree of personal input on how mixes are built. For example, it would be great if users could select a couple of songs and then have Spotify create a mix based on those songs. It would also be great if users could remove a mix and replace it with another, or merge different mixes into one. For example, Spotify created two different EDM mixes for me, one based on house music, and another based on tech house tracks. I find that a little redundant and I would like to merge both mixes into one. There's also another mix which is a weird combination of ambient, IDM, downtempo and indie rock tracks (?). I would like to split that mix in two, one for indie rock and another for IDM, downtempo and ambient music. And then there's a pop/R&B mix which I'd like to replace entirely with a jazz music mix, since I don't listen to that much mainstream pop and R&B music in the first place.


Expanding the number of daily mixes to 8 would be great as well, since 6 mixes doesn't quite cover the variety of music I tend to listen to. Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must.

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can create your own generated mixes by selecting Radio on any track, album or song you like - which will generate a playlist of similar songs. As mentioned in the idea, you could make a playlist of a couple of songs and then select 'Radio' by clicking the three dots to make your own funky mix. 


We have no further information on removing unwanted Daily Mixes, but we'll keep this idea open and keep you posted of any news here. 




voto a favor


Mixing playlists is one of the things that I think have been most needed in Spotify. I know that's slightly different than the request to mix daily mixes, but it's similar. So, instead of waiting for it to be built into the platform, I built my own mobile app that takes playlists and mixes them together into a new playlist using the weighting that I specify. I can mix my own playlists or public playlists across Spotify. I can make a new mix of the playlists with a single tap and then listen to them in Spotify. I can keep the same mix playlists around and keep reusing/remixing them, or just listen to the mix once and delete it. If you're interested in something like this, check out RemixMonkey in all of the app stores or on


Moreover, daily mixes are great if you have two or three, but I now have six, thanks to a shared Google Mini device which my whole family uses on my account. I no longer use Daily Mix as most of them are trash, as a result of that device.


If I could delete Mixes, I might be interested in using them again. For now, I have to use playlist radio instead, which doesn't come close to the same diversity as I was enjoying with the mixes until the shared device corrupted them.

That's good to know about this google mini. I don't care for the mixes because it plays the same songs over and over. If I scroll down the mix I keep seeing the same songs.
Some of my mixes disappeared after not using them, but I would rather be able to delete them. How about a function to turn them off completely.


I understand that a few people have posted similar ideas however I think it's really worth mentioning even with how good Daily Mix is, I really only listen to maybe 3 of the 6 playlists. The other 3 are obscure genres that I rarely, if ever, venture into e.g. pop/R&B and a classical music playlist that I suspect was made cause I listened to a sleep playlist like once a year ago. I cannot for the life of me get rid of those in particular despite the music I listen to now being the polar opposite of it. It would be killer if we could delete playlists or even better, select from groups of artists that we would like daily mixes to be started on - for example, one of my daily mixes that I like a lot was based upon Jose Gonzalez, Matt Corby and the Paper Kites, and if that was presented to me as a playlist option I'd definitely pick it over Beyonce and Dua Lipa (no shade, just prefer the genres). I know it's algorithmic (is that a word) but the algorithm seems outdated as I'm still seeing things I haven't listened to 8+ months, maybe ever, and the things I do listen to a lot (like 80s rock) are absent from it. I would LOVE an updated set of Daily Mixes based on what I'm listening to now, not what I listened to a year ago that one time. I think this would make it super user-friendly and easy to throw on a playlist and know you're going to love whatever Spotify plays. Thanks team!


Separating mixes is okay, but it makes things boring after a while.  I don't JUST want to hear one kind of thing, I have varied taste and spotify needs to recognize most of us do.  This is the main advantage of pandora.  It just doesn't get as boring.  


I just want to play all the stuff that's in my library + new stuff that I might like and want to add to my library on shuffle all the time. Honestly, I want Pandora Shuffle. The reason I hold onto my Pandora subscription is because they allow me to designate all the music I want in my Shuffle and it just goes.


I added about 20 songs I needed to learn for a gig to a spotify playlist to play along and learn the songs. This absolutely wrecked my Daily Mix. I deleted the playlist and the Daily Mix didn't change. Perhaps the Daily Mix should scan a user's custom playlists once per week by and remove deleted material from the user's preferences and recompile?


Ability to combine daily mixes!  Do it!


It seems that you cannot have a Grateful Dead based Daily Mix however.  My Daily Mixes do evolve, but I can play Dead 24/7 for weeks and they NEVER appear in a daily mix.  Odd.  Hopefully, with the Spotify IPO happening today they can use some of this new cash to FIX SOME ISSUES.