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It was such a good feature that made Spotify complete. I is so easy that you could import the playlists and don't have to use 2 different applications. Best of both worlds.

Spotify does not give an explanation or reason why they disabled it and tells me to share it with the community.

Do we really have to quit Spotify and go to Apple Music for this??

It seems you need a lot of likes so please vote a lot!! Thank You

Jan DC

Updated on 2018-06-25

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Import playlists so simple so useful and no longer available? Why?


Thx I really don't know how to get them realize that is a plus to have this feature and a bad idea to have suspended it... 

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Updated on 2018-06-25

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Why don't you use itunes2spotify, which is a software to import playlists from apple music to spotify, you have to pay a reasonable price (less than 7 dollars) and the developer will send you a mail to give you unlimited number of songs to import after your purchase.


Pd: Completely different from the Stamp app and its overpriced functions.


Hope it helps



Thank you for the info, I wil definitely try it out. 

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Not to mention they keep marking posts as duplicates to a post that has been marked inactive. They need to bring this back or I will not renew my subscription. 


I wisshhhh!!

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Try iTunes2Spotify (just google it, my direct link in here has been removed).

With it, you can import your iTunes playlists to Spotify and there are quite some options for finetuning like comparing the durations if multiple tracks are found. If a track cannot be found, you're able to do a manual search, etc...
And it's also possible to add just the missing tracks to existing playlists.


And I finally managed to port it to the Mac.


Check it out!


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Thanks for the info, when I have some time I will try to install and
register for it.

Greetz Jan De Croock


I'm a spotify member only for a few months now and have a lot of itunes playlists I would like to import to spotify (of course). I'm surprised its not a regular feature!?!? Some querrells between itunes and spotify perhaps? Looking forward to having this feature in spotify.