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[Podcasts] Import for Podcasts (OPML)

I'm an avid podcast listener.
I currently use PocketCasts and would love to use Spotify for music and podcasts.
Spotify could (potentially easily) allow one to import csv opml etc, so everyone could easily transfer all their podcast subscriptions to a superior platform.

Updated on 2021-06-07

Hey everyone,


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Yes please!!!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-05-14

Marked as new idea.


Absolutely agree. Spotify are missing a real easy trick here - get everyone moving over to one app for all streaming music and podcasts by making it simple to migrate.


Also - "marked as new idea"


This was posted before. Unfortunately the VAST majority of Spotify users have no idea this community is here in order for them to vote on features and improvements.


Can't quite believe we're still here asking for this, 3 years after it was originally requested. Spotify are trying to capture more market share and this is one EASY win that would help users transition more completely into the Spotify ecosystem.


!00%. I subscribe to way too many podcasts to enter them all in one at a time. Until i can import the full list, its not worth switching


I’m a huge podcast listener and would love to start using Spotify for everything. As has been said, that’s not happening if I have to re-subscribe to everything manually. 


This is the only reason I still listen on pocketcasts. 


I would switch my podcasts to Spotify, but without the ability to import it would be a real pain to resubscribe to all of them, and even more of a pain to mark played episodes.


I was willing to try spotify podcasts out since they grabbed rogan. I didn't see any of the filters i use on pocketcasts so would probably not be close to as useful but hey atleast its just an opml file yeah?

ohhh! spotify doesnt do even the most basic opml import, ha, ok, opensource readers have more features once again! go monopoly minded software yay!

network effect is the only thing i use spotify for but man, they making it harder to stay. Imagine if they allowed us to have a live opml file to write to & from, then i could use spotify OR pocketcasts, im sure that you could manage a feature like that for say... 100mil?