Disability Concession for disabled people

I do notice that there is not enough kudos for this topic.    Are you sure?  
I strongly believe that if you have discounts for students - able bodied in most senses- then physical and intellectually disabled people should receive the same concessions.

Monitoring the bona fide of this would not be hard.  The user would need to submit the details of their concession card.

I am writing this on behalf of my intellectually disabled sister who loves her music.  She has limited finances, and any financial discount helps her to access other things.

I just cannot believe in this age, that there is not enough “kudos” for this.   I’m sure the artist who get a token amount of money from Spotify would agree to monetary concessions to disabled people.
Spotify could do a great service to themselves and the community to concede to such an idea.   Don’t forget it is 2021.  
Get with the times please


Stan Kluzek.

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Hello everyone,


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I would really like to see Spotify give the elderly and or disabled the same break in price as they do the students. I am both and had to cancel my premium because I simply can't afford it.
Thanks for listening and caring 🙂
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This is something Spotify should consider. I fully support this idea. The disabled and many seniors live on extremely limited incomes. 


sonya6, we receive less than people making minimum wage.

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I too would like to see this price introduced for elderly and disabled patrons. 


I am the latter. No family. Not a student. Yet I listen to music too. Be fair eh. 

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I think this is a great idea!


Being both disabled as well as early pensioner I fully support the idea.


@sonya6Please let me know where disabled and elderly people get extra money from. Is that applicable in Germany, too? I have never heard about that even though I have been an early persioner since 2010.

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Will we get a reply from Spotify here? I hope so. 

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I agree. I'm also in the same position.