[Mobile] Option to customize Your Daily Drive

Just got a playlist called "Your Daily Drive". So far, it's great because it mixes in news-like podcast snippets inbetween suggested songs.


However, it'd be great to mark a podcast as 'do not play again' or 'dislike' so it doesn't show up or similar podcasts don't appear. 


It would also like to love/like songs that appear, as well as the ability to complete skip a podcast if its something I'm less interested in. Podcast runs similar to normal podcast, but I feel that this is a different experience (and a catered one), we should have more freedom to skip/like/love/dislike to make this experience improve over time.


Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-17

Hi everyone!
Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.
If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Please add a dislike button to podcasts that we dont want. I keep getting a very obnoxious podcast in the mix of my very well curiated daily drive. It's such a nice feature that its dissapointing to not have the option to at least skip the playlist I don't want to listen to, I have to fast forward through it. Really makes no sense and is a bummer on an otherwise cool aspect of spotify. 


This would be amazing! All of a sudden I'm getting sport podcasts, or some weird "snack" podcast. I'd love to not have them!


Why does NPR news no longer play on "Your Daily Drive"? 


There was an awful podcast foisted on my by DD. Also, NPR news has been replaced by CBS California fire reports. Those two are NOT interchangeable. I realize now that I can no longer rely on DD to be useful. I find it hard to believe that being able to make preference choices is not an available feature. I'm guessing that there is some Payola involved in the podcast choices you're making and that isn't fair to Premium members. 

This should be a no-brainer!



True Crime?

Morning DJ?


Daily drive started off perfect and is making itself obsolete by not allowing me to mark the podcasts I don't want to hear again. You could alternatively monitor the podcasts I consistently skip and stop adding them to the mix.


Related — Once a specific podcast has been listened to, don’t play it again!!!


It's really just baffling that this isn't already a mechanic that was considered prior to the release of the Daily Drive. How is this not something Spotify thought of? It should AT A MINIMUM allow for the like and dislike functions that every single radio has in Spotify. To be at an acceptable level of competence, I should be able to choose from a list of podcasts to cycle through. The music is less urgent because it seems to pull from my own playlists, but it will go from a soft business podcast into 3 bangers from my workout playlist. I really like this playlist, it just doesn't function like literally everyone would expect it to. If it is "my" daily drive, let ME decide what's on it. Really should not even be a vote. Just make its function match its title or take it out. In its current state, there's 0 "my" about it. I have no power over it. Just change it.


I'd also like to see ability to choose the news you want to mix in e.g.





The Journal

local, etc...


Totally agree - I currently get a podcast about crime and murders which is absolutely NOT of interest to me and in fact, I find it disturbing. 


I like the *idea* of the Daily Drive. The execution has been annoyingly painful, though.


1) Songs I've listened to ONCE outside of Daily Drive consistently show up in the music portion and I have no control over this

2) I liked the original lineup (mostly) -- NPR, Daily, WSJ... now there's sports and true crime and other stuff and I really don't care to hear those but all I can do is skip

3) There are other podcasts that I would actually like to see included but that's not a possibility

4) The UI changes depending on whether it's a podcast or a song, transport controls get moved around enough that if I'm tapping "skip" for songs, it does something different for podcasts because the skip button is in a different place. 

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