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[Mobile][Playlists] 'Add to playlist' sort order should be custom

In the latest Spotify library redesign, when I try to add a song to a playlist, the modal that opens sorts my playlists in a seemingly random order. This is very annoying since I have a mix of many playlists/folders in a specific custom order, and now finding the correct playlist to add a song has become a pain. This has only become a problem in the latest update, and worked perfectly in previous Spotify versions. I think that the order of the playlists in the "Add to playlist" dialog should follow the same order as the main Playlists tab - that is, if I have my playlists sorted by custom, the dialog should be sorted the same way.

Updated on 2021-06-13

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This looks very like a bug, because not long a go in this very galaxy you could easy find the playlists you are adding songs to, but now they are placed in a totally random order that makes it impossible to find them.


It's strange because i've spent a lot of time making my playlist-order they way i like it, a well organized place with folders and everything. But when i'm adding songs to them through my iPhone they are placed in random order, and that unordered lists changes for every song and different times during the day. I don't see this as a functional "move" from Spotify, it destroys the whole "User Customization-principle" spotify has been so good on, when you customize you own library and the service suddently just randomize your library.


Screenshot is attached


Please fix this bug my friends, it makes it really difficult to use your application to the full Spotify-experience. This is no problem at the desktop version, only on the iOS-app.



My pristine ordered playlist library:


 Randomized list when adding songs: 



Former, but maybe returning Tidal User



Its been 3 years and nothing has been done with this request. This annoy me very much that I've considered to switch to other platforms, it takes longer for me to find my playlist because everything is all over the place. I used to place my playlist in my own order and with that, I quickly knew where my playlist was. As Spotify is right now, in some occasions i forget the name of the playlist so I have to scroll and scroll and scroll, and scroll, and scroll and finally I find it. This is just frustrating.  It was so much easier before, as i knew exactly which order my playlist was. 


In a lot of people's libraries all the playlists and folders are in a specific custom order according to a certain logic, so it easily becomes some sort of neural link after a while. We can find and organize things more quickly this way. Actually the ability to organize things this way is the very reason I chose Spotify over Apple Music.


But when it comes to ADD TO PLAYLIST on a phone, the neural link fails to work, we can only find things in A-Z order or some even more random orders. It makes adding-to-playlists a pain, especially when you are walking or working. I don't understand why they cancelled this feature since it used to be able to do that. Hope it comes back.


The entire remodel that includes any 'recommended' music, is more annoying than helpful. When I go to my library or add a song to a playlist, I have to go through a multi step process to find the right playlist. I have my playlists in an order for a reason. Spotify 'recommending' what I should listen to doesn't do anything but make the experience worse. Keep the 'algorithm' and 'recommendation' features on the home page, leave the library the way it has been for years. 


Heya, currently none of the sorting options during 'Add to Playlist' are 'Custom Order'. The current options are 'Most Relevant,' 'Recently Added,' 'Alphabetical,' and 'Recently Played.' These options are asynchronous with the sorting options in the Your Library page, where 'Custom Order' is a much-appreciated option.


As it functions now when I find a song that I like I have to hunt for the playlist instead of using muscle memory based on where I have my playlists sorted in Custom Order. This becomes a larger problem the more playlist you have.


None of the current options match the Your Library playlist sorting options which is even more frustrating as custom order is available there. When I am out running and find a new song I like, I don't want to have to type or scroll incessantly to hunt down the proper playlist I want it in, when often the playlist I'm looking for is at the top of the custom order but is randomly sorted during Add to Playlist in the 'Most Relevant' option


Please add the option to custom sort.


Custom should always be an option


This is the most frustrating thing why is this not a sort option, especially when the other ones aren’t helpful. Need custom order in sort of add to playlist asap.


If this was implemented it was done wrong, my 'Add to Playlist' order is unusable garbage. It is never in a useful order, I can't sort it alphabetically, nor manually. The list is not in any order based on what I use.


Example screenshot (MacOS):

Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 1.18.18 PM.png


I haven't used these first six options in months. If this is supposed to be organized based on what I use, it should have Favourites at the top. The playlist that I use second-most has been placed as the very last option at the bottom of the list. This is not organized at all, the order definitely can't be described as "custom".


Hello @bayce, that's exactly the case. It's useless garbage, it is in no particular order that someone can guess. And they do not care about it at all. 


Their attitude to application is also terrible. There are podcasts that I stopped following and they still show up on the main screen with new episodes. This is also posted here in the community and it is also years old. They just do not care.


Spotify team is just arrogant. They have their base listeners and that's the only thing they care about. Just look at how old this particular issue is and you'll see their approach to problems. 


By the way, I just cancelled my premium membership. I suggest people the same. Maybe then you can listen your loyal listeners.


I am surprised that this very basic functionality is subject to votes. But even if we accept this nonsense, we see in their posting in 2021 that this problem had gathered enough votes for internal teams (see the first page post -- screenshot attached). It is 2023 and they have done absolutely nothing about it. That means having enough votes on anything means absolutely nothing for Spotify team, it's just a placating plastic response with no real meaning. This has been in the basic functionality from the very first without the need for votes, as everyone with a healthy enough brain will need to find their playlist according to at least some criteria (not some random garbage that Spotify team introduced). But no, Spotify team does not fix this.


By the way Spotify, are you guys make us vote for whether or not there should be a play button? Maybe it will reach enough votes and as you most efficiently do, you'll sit on this for another at least 4 years.