[Mobile] Re-arrange song "..." index options

Not generally one to post feedback but this seems like a UX/UI error that should be addressed.


When I open an album and select "..." next to any song on that album, the first few options include "Hide Song" and "Remove From This Playlist" if that song is within a playlist. I recommend moving those down a few options to prevent users from inadvertently deleting or hiding a song they actually intended to share or add to a playlist.


I made this error and had to scour the internet using only my memory of the album art and the first word of the song title (which was in Portuguese) to recover a song I accidentally removed from a playlist. 

Updated on 2020-04-25

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Casual Listener

Couldn't agree more. I'm so happy I'm not the only one frequently and accidently "hiding" songs from myself.  I thought I was alone LOL!

Casual Listener

the button hide this song should be replaced by a menu containg among others 'Add to Playlist' and 'Hide this Song'. This way you have to confirm the selection and avoids hiding a song by mistake.



Moving the HIDE SONG button above the ADD TO PLAYLIST button is honestly one of the worst UX/UI decisions I’ve seen in a long time. It is baffling that someone on the backend thought this was a good idea. 


I completely agree. Hiding a song is an incredibly niche feature - I don't think I've ever come across any music I intensely dislike so much that I want to hide it from the millions of other songs.


It's a poor UX decision when more popular commands such as 'Add to playlist' are lower down.


Dear god please update this Spotify!!! Why would you put the HIDE SONG ABOVE ADD SONG. Hate it 🙄🙄🙄🙄😒


Reading these comments highlights (yet again) how differently people use Spotify...


Unlike most people on this thread, I use 'Hide song' more than anything else at the moment - mostly because a 'Hide album' function doesn't currently exist - so I personally love that it's high on the menu, but I acknowledge that I'm possibly not in the majority, so have added my support on this redesign...but NOT for it to be put to the bottom, just for it to be directly below  'Add to playlist'.

Why do you hide songs? Can’t you just ignore their existence? I’m just curious

I've just realised it's not working as I want it to anyway 🙄... 


For background, I'm on macOS Catalina & iOS 14.2 with Spotify Family.  We often listen together on my account while commuting.  Just using the explicit content toggle isn't the answer, I want to be able to force certain songs to skip in shuffles regardless of how I'm using Spotify.  We don't always want to listen to the Spotify-created Family Mix as it's very limited (and mostly seems to bring up songs none of us like collectively).  I'd hoped 'hide' would work in all situations, not just when playing an album.


And unlike @benbenben94 above, I do often find songs I dislike intensely enough to never want to hear again...and sometimes from an artist I love apart from that one song, or album!


Since we don't have 'dislike' buttons - either for songs, or an album, or even a 'hide all songs' in an album to mirror the 'like all songs' button, I had thought 'hide' might do the same job, but it appears it doesn't.  It has also had some issues - but now apparently should fixed - at least for Windows


I often want to shuffle my favourite artists, but not include certain songs/albums - mostly whole albums where they're live or compilations, and individual songs occasionally.  David Bowie & Prince are brilliant examples of this kind of thing, having had their catalogues reissued almost monthly since they died.  IMO, I shouldn't be limited to my liked songs/albums list - if shuffling, I should actively exclude songs I never want to hear again, not actively include songs as if I was creating a playlist


Having hidden every track on a 125 track Bowie album (all available elsewhere), apart from developing RSI, I discovered tonight that they still play on artist shuffle.


Hidden songs are limited to the album or playlist you hid them it probably works to the extent it's been programmed.  It also explains why the hide button only appears in albums or playlists and not on artist shuffle, for example.


It shouldn't be this limited though - if I hide a song, I don't want to see it anywhere, ever.  Disappointing.


Now I just need to try and word a succinct post for the Ideas list!

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