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[Mobile] Rearrange Playlists on Mobile

Please include an option for users to manually rearrange playlists on mobile. 

See attached picture for more details.



Updated on 2021-06-07

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At the moment, our playlists can be rearranged only with the pc. I seriously don’t understand why it is not possible to do the same also with the smartphone instead of having to turn on the pc every time. If it is possible to change the order of songs inside playlists with the smartphone why not also the order of playlists? Thankyou!


It's very useful to change the playlist order on your android phone. Because now I must search for the right playlist because every time it is somewhere else and if it would be at the same spot the whole time it would be much easier to find it. And if you are listening to a playlist you only want to listen to one time in a month or something like that, it stays at the bottom of the list


It would be so much more easier if you could sort the order of your playlists in your library on the phone. Right now you can only change your custom order on your laptop but if you could do that on your phone too It’d be great.

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2022-01-04

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We've gone ahead and marked this as a new suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.




In the same vein, would love to be able to sort playlists on the mobile app by the same sort options on desktop (Date Added, Title, Artist, etc). The reason for this is that I create playlists of new albums that I listen to throughout the year and throw them into a new albums playlist by year. The mobile app only offers the default sort so it means I have to scroll for days to get to the new albums I added where in the desktop app I can just resort by date added descending.


Great idea @Linnnnneeeaaaaa!


Might I suggest a better title for the idea, just to make it clearer?


[Your Library][Mobile] Edit Custom sort order for Playlists


I’d like to able to order my playlists, so that certain playlists I can move to the bottom and vice versa, that way I don’t have to scroll through my various playlists to choose a playlist I want to listen to.


This would be such a nice quality of life improvement to push out in a future update that I would love to see 🙂


God the update that did this was brutal. I have a shitload of playlists and it’s so hard to find them when the order keeps changing every time I listen on mobile. 


I want this too on android. Now we can't even have the custom order that we've made on desktop in the app. We can just choose "alphabetical", "recently added" etc. Not custom order. Since that used to be a feature it can't be hard to bring back. And seeing as freely sorting on mobile has been requested for years it's time to make it happen.