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[Music] 8D Surround Sound

With the reemergance of layered/3D/8D/headphones only audio videos on youtube, I would love to see an option like that become available for Spotify. It would:

A.) create competitive edge over all other streaming platforms

B.) potentially become a money making premium only feature (free to trial first of course)

C.) be a great way to connect with artists who truly care about their musical output and the experience for listeners

D.) be really freaking awesome.


Here's a list of songs that would be grerat in 8D:

Slow Dancing In The Dark – Joji

3005 – Childish Gambino

You Should See Me In A Crown – Billie Eilish

Wait a Minute! – Willow


Call Out My Name – The Weeknd


and basically every song ever because music is wonderful

Updated on 2021-06-07

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Updated on 2018-09-26

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I'm unfamiliar with 8D sound, but cool.


I am not quite sure how cool artists would be with this. As much as I've heard this feature on Youtube (I have a friend that sends me links to some), it doesn't really do much else than distort the audio.. notably.

For those who haven't heard that - it sounds like a single speaker is floating around in an empty cathedral or cave. 🙂


Artists want users to hear their creations the way they intended their music to sound like. I'm... pretty sure they are not too happy about something like this feature.


True surround sound (5.1, 7.1 and such) could be wicked though. I have one track in 5.1 with this gloomy clapping sound that also rotates through channels, it sounds infinitely more realistic.


5.1 Sound would be great enough!


This idea is great and I strongly believe that it'll be worth every dollar that I'm paying. 


Guys, I don’t wanna be “rude” but... 8D doesn’t exist, it’s just the same song panning from left to right, some reverb and other effects, it isn’t a really new system or technology, it’s nothing of official and it doesn’t give the same impression in everyone


well of course everything auditory is just volume and reverb effects. (Ever tried the virtual haircut?) surround sound audio is still notably different, and a combination of all those techniques would probably still be super dope


Yeah, but in this post look like a new standard or technology, it’s just effects, so it’s really useless ask something like this cause the most easy thing it’s upload the song with this effects, but it’s an artist’s choise


Re-emergence means it’s been out before 😂😁 all love all I meant was an option. Like how on Tidal you switch out the defenition quality per your preference. Same concept 


All you have to do is upload the song file with 8d audio. The feature is already there if i'm correct.