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[Music] Tag Music

It'd be awesome to be able to add my own tags to all of my songs in playlists, so I can easily and specifically sort my songs how I like.


Should be a pretty simple tool to implement.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




This would be a great feature to implement. I could label songs with genres myself, or give them a mood or a decade label, so I could listen to songs of that tag without having to keep a playlist updated.

We could name each tag, and assign a color, either from a list of colors or from a color wheel. An unlimited number of tags would be preferred.


Spotify is already redesigning many aspects of its app, like the mobile UI, Enhance/Smart Shuffle, the Heart being changed back to a Plus (+), and the AI DJ. I like to believe that implementing this would be easier than other recent changes, it would have less backlash as it is an optional feature, it would make at least nearly 2,000 people happy, and Spotify developers are already working on other parts of the UI.


Playlists have long been a staple for organizing music on Spotify. However, they can become cumbersome when a single song needs to be a part of multiple playlists.


To address this limitation, the ability to tag songs can help offer a more efficient and flexible method of organizing music.


With the new tagging system, users can create custom tags and associate them with songs. Unlike playlists, a single song can have multiple tags, allowing users to categorize music based on various criteria.

For example, a user might tag a song as "Fast songs," "Gym songs," "Running songs," "Rock songs," and "Play in a Band songs" all at once, reflecting the song's different characteristics.

The real power of this feature lies in its ability to enable dynamic filtering. Users can now create a one-time-use unique playlist by selecting specific tags they want to hear.

For instance, if a user is in the mood for a high-energy workout, they can simply filter songs tagged as "Gym songs" and "Fast songs" to get the perfect playlist.


Furthermore, the tagging system can offer an additional functionality to auto-add songs with certain tags to specified playlists. This automation saves users time and effort, as they won't have to manually update playlists when adding new songs that fit certain criteria.


Introducing tagging as a complementary feature to playlists, rather than a replacement, enhances Spotify's organization capabilities. Users can still enjoy traditional playlists, but they now have the added flexibility and convenience of tagging.


From Spotify's perspective, this tagging system opens up new avenues for data collection. With more information on how users categorize songs, Spotify's recommendation system can become even more accurate and personalized, delivering an improved music discovery experience.


In summary, the ability to tag songs will help users to now efficiently categorize songs with custom tags and create dynamic playlists on the fly. This unique functionality sets Spotify apart from other music streaming platforms, offering users an enhanced and tailored listening experience.


I want to be able to create custom tags for songs to see at a glance what type of song it is. I'm a heavy listener and I throw new songs I like into custom playlists that suit them. e.g lo-fi house. But sometimes when I need to play a playlist at a party or workshop, I only play particular songs in that playlist e.g instrumentals, chill or upbeat. With custom tags, I can know at a glance.


All the time I hear great songs in movies, on the radio, or even randomly in the mall. I Shazam them and add them to a playlist but I often forget about them. I would love a feature that allows me to put a tag on that song saying exactly where I found it so I can not only identify it easier, but also have a memory associated with that song. Thanks!


Since this was determined as "Not right now" in 2018, and there is a new suggestion for a tagging system as of this week, perhaps the people who loved and voted for this one might be interested in voting for the new one?

Tagging would be a GAME changer!




could we have all settings on the web player and tv app?


I agree this is much needed. At the least, let us have tags that are stored locally, if the idea of cloud-synced tags sounds like too many resources spent on your end, Spotify. We could download our tag databases and keep them synced ourselves. It would be better than having no tags at all.


Being one of the hardest fans from this feature request, I must acknowledge that a recent change brought by Spotify (that one that caused the removal of the "heart button"), made us quite close to what have been requested, although in different way.
You may have noticed the heart button gave place to a new "check button" where we can easily see and modify all the playlists where a certain music belongs. This actually works like tagging!!
Only thing is that instead of creating tags, one needs to create playlists and assign musics to them.
I still don't have the possibility to play all my songs "tagged" e.g. with "90's" and "rock ballads", but that would be another feature request anyway. 

Kudos Spotify!
You manged to provide us an highly requested feature, while preserving functionality of what you have already developed before.

And BTW for all those who are requesting "bring back the heart button", you can also assign any music to the "Liked Songs" (the heart), in the same way as above. It is just like a pre-defined Spotify playlist.


I agree that the previous update was a great step in the correct direction! However, I still feel like it still is too far away from tag-like behaviour.

Not only we need a way to play songs that are tagged with "90's" AND "rock ballads", or another one that is ("happy" OR "energetic") AND "house", but tags needs to be hierarchical.

If I add the tag "EDM/Electro House/Melbourne Bounce" to a song, it should show in every search that has either "EDM" or "EDM/Electro House" or "EDM/Electro House/Melbourne Bounce". As if I had added each one of those individually.


Anyway, Kudos Spotify! A small little change that had a really great impact. One "small" step for the UI, a giant step for a tag feature.