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I would love to be able to sort my playlists by Artists, then drill down by album so as not to clutter my Spotify. It's pretty hard to organize my playlists the current way. Any ideas on a future iteration that will enable this capability?

Updated: 2016-10-17

Hey everyone, we're back just checking in as this idea hasn't had an update in a while. The original request for the ability to sort playlists by 'artists' and 'albums' is not something we have in our current plans. We're therefore keeping this status at 'Not Right now'. 


If you're after the ability to alphabetize playlists I recommend adding your kudos to this idea here:Alphabetical playlist sorting options. Thanks everyone!

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Yes sorting and so on is definitely something that must be improved. Most of the other services has a more decent way for browsing through the content available at an artist profile. Splitting up albums, eps and toplists to several tabs would be a good start, as well with a more decent filtering feature.






I personally like this. We're always looking to improve Spotify with bigger and better features so we do listen to all of the ideas we get.


Sadly, we can't get round to adding them all but we will do our best to act on the most popular requests. So, hopefully, we'll get some feedback on the idea here.



How about some "playlists in a playlist" type of thing. One playlist is named an artist and in this playlist, (or map if you will), you can add several playlists? If I like Michael Jacksson I would like to make a playlist called Michael Jackson and then add some full cds without putting all the songs together in just one playlist, get it?


Simoon321 - Have you tried creating a 'Playlist folder' and naming that? You'll then be able to drag playlists into the folder. So you could have your 'Michael Jackson' folder, with your 'Bad', 'Thriller', 'Off the Wall' playlists inside.


To create a folder, just go to 'File' and 'Create Playlist Folder' in your Spotify.


Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?


Folders & sub-folders are cool (never noticed those before), but it still has to be created and maintained manually. A column browser like iTunes has would solve a lot of problems.


Sam, that was exactly what I meant. Thanks.

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I would be more interesting about alphabetically sorting my playlists. I have crossed 2000 playlists now and it is so painful to find a playlist (without using the search) to know where your playlist is located. Why can't it be possible to automatically sort the playlists in alphabetic order? (Something like right click on a menu then sort alphabetically or something) sheesh! It has been years and this thing has not been implemented yet! :/


I think this idea and the Favorite artist idea are trying to solve the same problem.


Spotify lacks a good way to browse through the music you have in your playlists and favorites. A simple search requires the user to remember too much himself.


Please implement alphabetical sorting at the least. 


It is something I have considerd lacking since day one.  I still love the service and have paid for nearly 3 years now, but it seriously needs better sorting options so that I can instantly get to an album/playlist. 


It's daft because it all has to be done manually, and android puts new playlists at the top and mac at the bottom of the list.  Just a button to organise, it can't be that difficult? 


I fail to see why all these apps and integration can be used to best effect without proper sorting options.  It really is a drag, people. 


Thanks for listening...

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I cant drab my playlist folders so they are sorted alphabeticaly due to some bug which puts them inside other folders so you should give me the option to sort them automatically either alphabetically or by date etc.