[Playlists] Public Playlist Folders


I've seen this idea being thrown around before but often closed/inactive, so I thought I'd give it another go. (see here)




The folders feature has been around for quite some time now, and I love the idea of being able to organise my playlists as I do have more than 80 saved (lol).


However, having the folders public to followers would:

1. improve the look of user profiles' playlist tab 

  • De-clutter the playlist tabs by being able to group/organise them

2. help followers find playlists better and easier

  • allows users to make more public playlists as it no longer gets lost in the public playlists tab
  • allows users to highlight their current/most popular playlists


This often gets turned down due to lack of likes/votes, so make sure you show so we can finally grab Spotify team's attention and make folders go public! 🙂




Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Marked as new idea 🙂


As already said, repost of this idea


Hi Spotify, when will this get implemented?


I have way too many playlists and this would make me MUCH more happy with that. Why is this not a thing already??


Yes, please! Playlists would be much more organized, and it'll be easier to locate a particular one instead of sifting through rows and rows of them under Public Playlists, as we currently do.


I have way too many playlists and I love to organize them with folders, but now my spotify profile is way more cluttered than it appears to me! Why not have the option to share the link to the folders? or even the option to place them on the front of my profile?


Hugely in favor of this. It would improve my interaction with Spotify's UI so much!




I love making playlists, and I have made so many playlists,  all organized in maps by category. I know my followers look up on my profile to find new playlists and music once in a while, and this has led me to a frustration: When people look up my profile, all the playlists ar ein total chaos, randomly listed, and they are not in their maps! 

My suggestion is that when Spotify users look up one another´s profiles, they should get an overview where they can see the playlists that are in public, IN their maps. Then people can see the title of the maps, and further on find the different playlists. This should be an EASY but BIG improvement for all users. Thank you!


Silje Breiteig Bakke (klunsjklunsj).


Casual Listener

Yeah, this could be a fantastic Idea.. why doesn't this exist yet?