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[Playlists] Remove a song from a Blend and prevent similar songs

I had a suggestion for the new Spotify Blends that came out for Spotify. I really like this new feature and I think Spotify has done a really good job with it!


However, I listen to a genre that my friends do not like. I noticed that a lot of music of that genre appeared in my Spotify Blends even though I have other music in common with my friends that could appear instead. Right now, the only option is to 'hide the song' but that only works to hide the song from your own device.


Can we have a 'remove from playlist' option for songs that we don't like in the Blend? Removing the song should ideally be permanent, and should work on the entire playlist on all devices. Also, once we remove songs from the Blend, then can it prevent similar songs/songs of that genre from appearing again in the Blend? It would be even better if right after we remove a song, it is instantly replaced by a song that is different from it like it is learning from the feedback.



Updated on 2022-06-24

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2021-06-16

Hello and thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


The Blend feature is still in it's beta testing phase, so there will be improvements in future releases 🙂


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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Would be nice to have...  and there used to be an option to remove not only song but artist so it wouldn't populate other songs by same artist..


Yes please, this would be great. tbh i'm low key embarrassed of some of the songs that was put on my friend and I's blend haha! Please consider this feature update

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Updated on 2021-09-02

Hey @hmthws 

Your Idea has been submitted a while ago, and unfortunately hasn't gathered enough votes (50 votes within 3 months) to keep it active in the Exchange. Be sure to know that this does not mean that your Idea has been declined by Spotify.

Don't worry, your Idea will still be able to gain more votes, and may get a Live Idea status if it receives enough of them.

For more info on how the Ideas Board works, click here. 🙂


It looks like this idea has gained >180 votes within 6 months, so should update to Live Idea status 🙂 


We need this.


Clearly, this would be useful. Even the song removal would be useful enough.


How about the fact that there are 244 votes in 6 months now? We need this. Either to be able to hide songs for both listens or totally remove the songs. I don't need Christmas songs showing up in our list.


pleaaaase, we need this!


Can we revive this idea as we cannot make new one? Really don't want my mate and I to see that blunder records of certain songs