[Queue] Playlist from current Queue

Status: Not Right Now

I like the new queue- it would be cool if you could take what's in it and save it as a playlist. I've got a pretty awesome queue lined up and i'd like to capture it! 

Updated on 2020-09-16

Hi everyone.


We love this idea, and it's on our radar. But we don't have plans to implement this very soon.


Please keep adding your Likes so we can get a good indication of how popular this idea is.


Thank you.


After I submitted this I found that a workaround is to just Select All, Copy and Paste into a new playlist. 

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2017-02-20

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


This should be a feature on all platforms and not just a work around when the ability is preasent.

i.e. Not an option on web player.


Seriously spotify people... this is a very basic function that an audio player NEED to have. Facepalm... I have to create an account on this forum just to tell you all this. You should probably reconsider all the UX people you hired.


And if you combine the 19 votes here with the older idea post, you get more than 50 votes!!! 


One hundred percent agree. I've been adding song after song tonight with feedback from my party guests and I'll never be able to rebuild it from memory. I would love to be able to save it and relisten another time. Please please add this feature!


Yes!  This needs to happen.  I would love to save what I que up as a new list and be able to sort through and review it later as well as add to it


Come on -- this is a no brainer -- get it done. 


Yes, please!  This has been an idea that we have asked for for years now... repeatedly year after year & again & again.  It would be AMAZING if we could SAVE the Queue as a Playlist (perhaps an option that reads: "Save Current Queue as Playlist" or something to that effect?) or better yet that the Queue would auto-save! So, if Spotify is closed for a device reboot or restart/shutdown/power outage etc... the Queue doesn't have to be completely rebuilt by the user, which is our current issue.  A temp file to save it on the device or something.  Thank you for all the hard work, Spotify Dev Team & the rest of the Spotify Crew. ^_^


What about including the played history? If I make a queue, then play 10 songs, how do I get them back to make a playlist with? They just disappear after being played from the queue! 


I agree - must be sensible to be able to save a queue as a playlist. It seems I can save a queue and it even suggests it may be a playlist (in asking for a playlist name) but it then doesn't appear in my music.