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Shuffle Algorithm PROBLEM!

Have you noticed Spotify plays the same songs over and over again on shuffle? I’m here to address one major topic. The algorithm of: “shuffle.” At this point I don’t think it should even be called shuffle, it should be “prioritizes songs that Spotify perceives you listen to most.” Because holy **bleep** do I get the same songs over and over and over. Everything else gets buried in the playlist and you eventually forget they were even there. 

I want to promote a feature where you can choose and customize your shuffle to your liking. not just the three to four options we have now and are not sufficient. Social media complains constantly about listening to the same songs 24/7, and I am sick of it. As a premium member, I expect the highest quality from Spotify. But a simple shuffle algorithm can’t be fixed? Truly disappointing.


my main recommendation to the app: A shuffle feature that randomizes your playlist and doesn’t play the same genre, artist or similar content and same songs repeatedly. The songs are completely randomized, like an actual shuffle.


Lmk if you like this idea or you want further explanation! Please promote this on social media for further notice!! 100 vote goal!! 🙏



Well, unfortunately, you are several years behind on this problem.  Shuffle play has not worked for a long time and the best place to really vote for this would be  Also, unfortunately, Spotify really does not care what people think as some of the most voted items have been sitting for a DECADE.



Absolutely. And my DISCOVER WEEKLY could all come off the same album. I listen to classical, hip hop, jazz, world, house, dance, electronic, Moondog, you name it. And yet... It's all this boring New Age blah mostly with lyrics that I NEVER listen to. HELP!


It's so unfortunate spotify's left out such a simple fix for so long. Personally, I use a website that (truly) shuffles my playlist and I save that version to use. Once I listen to it for long enough, I do it all over again 😄 at least we can work our way around the strange spotify systems hahaha


Which one would that be?!😀

I get why they did it, but it's awful. One of my most played songs is Evil by Interpol. I don't recall actually clicking play on it, ever. Despite being in a playlist with hundreds of songs, I get Evil so much I had to just remove it from the playlist.


Having very little competition truly gets companies lazy.

Why do anything at all when people will stay regardless?


Let's Also not just talk about Shuffle, but SMART SHUFFLE:

One Expectation I have when it comes to shuffle, is I expect the music to never repeat! I have to repeat myself in order to drive this point in!

The algorithm needs to have rules for itself, something like:
1. No repeating a song (Playlist stops once every song has played once - unless playlist is looped)
2. When Smart Shuffle, Playlist must never end! No Ending! (start adding suggested content if you run out of playlist songs)
3. Fix the shuffle algorithm to be truly feeling like it's random. - Please *fingers crossed*


The fact that this has been a problem for so long is kinda suspicious. A simple Math.random() function can give me a better shuffle than Spotify's "shuffle".


Another simple way to bring song discovery would be to play all the artists we listen to, but not the songs we normally listen to of the artists. 
So for example, if you listen to U2, then we've all heard of "With or without you" but what about one other random song that you may not be listening to from U2: "Heartland"

It's simple really!