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Silent Disco Jam

With the Jam feature, you can listen along music simultaneously, and (at least with discord) you can listen on multiple devices while being synced up, and someone can even be a leader.

With a silent disco jam, the premise is similar. It’s a jam that people can join, but it has multiple channels all running simultaneously that you can switch between, just like in a real silent disco. It could ideally be able to play from every user’s individual headphones synchronously, so it functions just like a real silent disco.

For added effect, in the same way that artists can put video snippets with their songs, listeners could have a certain color or image on their screen corresponding to which channel they are on to show others, like how silent disco headphones have the color coding system.

Ideally, this type of jam would have multiple channels with their own moderators and would not give everyone access to alter the queue, play/skip etc. 
This could help parties exist and flourish without the noise pollution, which would especially be apt in college areas. 
Given that it’s also meant to be a local thing, logistically it could even make use of a local connection or something along those lines.