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Just imagine a situation:

You are sitting in the bus. And listening to your favourite music on headphones. When you notice a cute person who is sitting in the bus too, and really enjoying the music, while shaking head with the beat. So curious.. WHAT SHE/HE IS LISTENING TO?!
How to know that? You take your phone from your pocket and open spotify app. There you see everyperson in 50m radius who is using Spotify and shares their music. And you see that she is listening for A-HA - TAKE ON MEE!. You connect to her music and listen to this song also. And when the bus stops, you leave it and say to her/him: ARE YOU PLANNING TO GO TO A-HA CONCERT THIS SUMMER? I LOVE THIS SONG TOO.
And you live happily ever after ❤️
THE END (Or maybe just a beginning 🙂

So, the thing is : a possibility to look for surrounding spotify users and see what they are listening. A possibility to connect to their song. A possibility to turn ON or turn OFF music sharing (maybe you would like a private moment, and dont want to see everyone listening for your "shame songs" haha!

I personally really really often pass a person with headphones and am very very curious, what they are listening to that moment.


Arturas from Lithuania

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the previous Not Right Now status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


This seems like a pretty cool idea! 🙂


I would expand it to same artist or same genre or even same era. Not just the same song. Excellent idea tho. 


As has just been demonstrated by the company that just released all its social running data that has turned into a giant privacy disaster with people using it to determine the identities, routines and locations of soldiers and operatives of classified bases and Three Letter Agencies not to mention countless private individuals because they shared their running data so they could compete with each other virtually...


Having these kind of geolocation social network features are a privacy nightmare. And they generate vast amounts of enormously valuable private data that needs to be securely protected.


And if you fail to do so the new GDPR in Europe means that your company can get fined and sued out of existence.


So my recommendation to Spotify would be that instead of spending the millions needed to implement this securely. Focus on functionality that doesn't harvest huge amounts of toxic private data from your users so you are not sitting on a giant landmine that will destroy the company when you inevitably get hacked and it gets stolen/leaked.


And just a quick note to focus people’s minds, privacy is important in all kind of contexts, and you never know when you might need it. And once gone it next to impossible to get it back. This article demonstrates some of the problems associated with domestic abuse and digital privacy.

The kind of information that can leak out with geolocation services is literally deadly for people trying to flee domestic abuse or stalkers. Because it can reveal where you live, who your friends/family/social support network are, where they live, where you work/shop/go to school/gym/etc, where you go jogging, and when, how you get to work, and when, those times you went to hospital/GP/clinic and which department/s and thus what medical conditions you have.... And if that information gets out and into the hands of a stalker or a criminal or an abusive partner you can never ever get it back. The best thing is to never generate that information in the first place.
And for those thinking 'it will never happen to you'... I hope you are right, but all the people it does happen to thought that too. And even if it doesn't happen to you, it's worth protecting those to whom it does happen.

This is not a worthwhile feature, we need more privacy [and by default] and less data collection. Particularly of such dangerous data as location.

And no, making it 'opt-in does not solve the problem. Because nobody can anticipate all the ways data can or will be used in the future, nobody thinks bad things like a stalker or abusive partner will happen to them, and almost nobody in the general public understands these issues well enough to give anything remotely resembling informed consent.


Love this idea!! 


really good idea


Sounds like a creeper idea. That's not something I would want, for random strangers to be able to contact me and try to talk to me about what I am or was just listening to. Nope.


Would this feature only work with spotify followers or if you have your "my location" on? 


I know for sure that's not gonna happen, but it would be totally awesome.


seria legal  se todos que estao ouvindo uma musica   seja do outro lado do mundo  ate que gostaria muito de compartilha minhas musicas com os meus amigos(as) londres, polonia, cairo , egyit, iraq, australia, emirados arabes, apesar dos fusos horarios  mas eles gosta de  ouvir  no brasil  de madrugada e la dia ou noite nao importa   fica muito legal  thanks