[Subscription] Graduate and Doctoral Student Discount

Currently, the student discount is set up to be available for 4 years per person. This is a hard and fast rule that does not include gradute or doctoral students.


Moving forward, Spotify needs to rewrite their policy to be available for this large population of students! This way they can continue using a platform that they know and love while still getting the student discount that they so desperately need. Higher education is expensive, and being able to save money wherever possible is essential. These students deserve the same student discount as undergraduates. 

If you're a graduate student, doctoral student, or soon to be either one, hit the like button to make this dream a reality! 100 votes and it'll get passed on for review! 

Casual Listener

@Spotify Please review this! Many of us are moving on to graduate/professional school and have even less money than we had in undergrad. There should be an extension that allows us to maintain the student discount. I started my spotify student discount freshman year of undergrad and am now starting med school. I had to take out $35,000 in loans just for this semester (now multiply that by 8 to get total cost of med school).  This discount would be a huge help in trying to responsibly budget.  


agreed. I know there are ways that other sites verify that a student is still enrolled and continue the discount accordingly and spotify should implement this as well. great idea


Students are usually students more than four years.  Spotify use usually starts in high school and continues to college.