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[Subscription] Send a Receipt to Premium Users Each Month

For years I subscribe to Spotify Premium, I got only one email receipt from Spotify in the first month, and not any more.


Is Spotify trying to hide our receipts to let people forget "Unsubscribe"? 


Please send us receipt via email every month unless we unsubscribe the notification.

Updated on 2019-07-04

Hey folks,


I just wanted to update this idea to show how you can find your receipts. 


Currently, you'll recieve a receipt when you make your first payment of a new subscription, start a trial offer or purchase an e-card.


To check out your other receipts: 


  1. Log in to your account page
  2. Click Receipts in the menu on the left.
  3. Click VIEW next to a transaction to see more details. 

We'll leave this idea open for more feedback. When we have any updates, we'll add them here. 





I have searched this community for a related topic and it always ends up the same result. Because of the lack of "Kudos" the suggestion was not implemented. 

Firstly, stop relying on this "Kudos" system as not everyone will click on a specific topic if it does not affect them greatly.

Secondly, as a premium user paying for a service, we should be notified of our monthly expenditure to our registered email. 


Every single online service has already implemented this feature so why shouldn't Spotify? Unless the programming engineers are incapable of doing so, please let the community know, so we may be able to help.

It is frustrating to go through the "Contact Us" and "Help" setup of Spotify which keeps routing us to the same place, with no available means to send a legit issue to the developers. Most users since 2016 can only post a suggestion here and due to the "Kudos" system, everything has seemed to be ignored.

All of the above is based on my impression and experience of searching for this topic's related solution.  

I would like to request for it to be implemented, not suggest, its a request from a paying user. An option to set "Receive Payment Receipts in Email". You can have it default as OFF so as not to disrupt current users that don't require this service. And let users who want it to have it Turn ON by themselves.

I would appreciate it if the request is implemented, cause Spotify is the only service that I have to log in, go to my accounts, print screen the invoice, email it to my accounts staff, just to get it processed. While all my other online digital payment comes in by email and is automatically filtered to my accounts without myself having to get involved at all.

So do implement it so that Spotify can remain "technically" successfully in keeping up general services of online digital platforms.

I apologize for my tone as its frustrating going through the help section just to see those before me blatantly ignored due to some Kudos system.

Thank you




I can't view my receipts today for some reason. This menu is not available to me when I log in. Please can you advise on this?



Our back-office has to manually log in to the Spotify account each month to retrieve the receipt to be able to register it as an expense. Where is the option to have the receipt sent to an email for each transaction made? Please give us the option to allow for a separate email from the one holding the Spotify account. Thanks.


Up until January I received my receipts by email regularly. Now went to check on the February one and didn't receive it. The receipts are available in my account, but I want to know why it didn't send it to my email. I've a few automations tied to it.


We need a formal invoice/receipt. 

What you give us doesn't even have our VAT number 😞

Also we should be able to print it like a formal receipt or invoice. 


I'm the owner of a dance school and I use Spotify daily as our music library. I would like to receive 'Receipts' monthly upon payment since I claim taxes. This should be standard transparent business practice to just mail your clients the payment receipts each time their card is charged. 


Thank you. 


Sent by signed letter 2023-04-02 

I hope the amount of time spend to make this letter will be surpassed in gazillion fold by other users not having to go through the same tedious process I go through when this will be automated.

Spotify AB - Administration

Regeringsgatan 19, SE-111 53 

Stockholm, Sweden


Official complaint concerning invoicing


Dear Spotify

As a business that owns a Spotify account, I lose too much of my precious time to insert your invoices into my administration. Please let me describe the full process of getting one of your invoices of Spotify payments into my administration. I have to: go to your website, login, then go to my Spotify account page and navigate to the payment receipts menu item, press show details and then I have to take a screenshot of the screen, save it to my desktop and upload it to my administration having to input the amounts manually without being able to copy the fields as it is an image and not an actual document. Spotify as a company has roughly 456 million users including professional businesses, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the sending of simple invoice email is not yet automated?!


My administration system(MoneyBird) allows for direct emails coming from a company, saving me time to go to the Spotify website login and having to browse to the respective page to get my invoices. It would already save me heaps of time if there would be an input field in the Spotify settings/account page for “Email to send invoices to” that would be a great start!


Did you know that it can be optimized even further, because the administration software that I use uses the UBL ( XML standard for defining invoices. So Spotify could include, as an attachment to the email with invoice, a UBL xml document defining the costs with the tax field already specified. This way the whole process would be automated and I as a business owner could focus on the tasks that really matter to me instead of spending loads of time filling Spotify invoices, doesn’t that sound amazing?!

Filing this as an official complaint might feel harsh, but since there is already a community request open since 2019 ( I feel compelled to file this as an official complaint. Don’t get me wrong, this comes from a place of love to help Spotify excel and improve for the better, I hope you understand.